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Why Weapons And Warframes Need Leveldependent Stats


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Many people complained about the new system having no level dependent upgrades. Though quite a lot of thoughts have been mentionend, the in my opinion most important problem has not been mentionend yet (as far as I know).

Having the stats of weapons and warframes increased by mods only basically means this: The first levels are the most important ones as they increase the strength of the perspective item the most.

Why is that? Because you will always slot in the strongest and most beneficial mods first. The higher the level of the item the less efficient will be the mods you put into it given your build strategy. It doesn'T even matter what build strategy you are going because you'll start with the most important stuff first.

Thus, wether a weapon is lvl1 or 10 - HUGE difference. Lvl20 or 30? Well, still nice but it's not like you get a much stronger item. Though it takes a LOT longer to get a weapon from 20 to 30 than from 0 to 10. The higher the level of an item the less important are additional levels.

I think that this is at the core of the problem many players are not able to point at. They just know that it feels wrong that a lvl30 weapon is nothing different from a lvl1 besides the mods.

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