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I have yet to find a shield mod yet, so my Loki still has a terrible base shield of 75, but i'm ok with this. I just play a bit more cautiously and use energy, but grenades, damn.

If i'm not looking in the direction that it's thrown, there is no telling that it landed near me (except for an extremely soft stick that tends to be drowned out by gunfire). When there is a low ceiling, its absolutely impossible to tell if one was thrown except for the throwing animation they do (but sometimes they just snipe me with them)

Not only that, if I do see one, i have to react by moving away from it, which is fine, but the blast radius is so large that I can only dodge it if I see it right after its thrown, so that I can roll and walk a bit away. Otherwise even one roll isn't enough and I suffer tons of damage on my squishy frame.

Cant the radius be decreased slightly? They're making my life extremely difficult on icy missions, and those missions on the asteroid looking Grineer base (which has doors with low ceilings, and I usually shoot through doors so that I have full cover by moving backwards, but due to the ceiling height, I have no idea if a Grineer i'm not looking at has thrown one at me)

With no friends around to help me up, im doomed to either suffer lots of health damage or death.

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