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Warframe Shield/hp/energy Suggestion


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I don't know if this was suggested elsewhere already, but I'd like to make a suggestion that imo will improve the general progression in the game:

Instead of modding your frame with random dropped cards to increase your max shields/HP/energy like it is now, I think it would be more rewarding if you could actually upgrade these core stats manually. Since now once you have for example your shield card maxed, basically all your frames benefit from this since you can swap it out. Also since they are random drops (afaik) one could be stuck on the same "level" for a long time.

The system could work as follows:

- every 5 levels you unlock a new upgrade for your frame you can buy with credits or craft.

- these unlocks could be stuff like "orokin shield battery" that will increase your basic shield by 25/50 or thelike.

- you'll get 6 slots in total (at lvl 30) which you can either fill with any upgrade or are reserved for a specific upgrade (shields/hp or energy)

- as a bonus these upgrades could be displayed visually on the frame, which would add some subtle variation to the looks of the players (I'm thinking extra power lines, connectors, etc)

I was thinking something in the line of good old syndicate for example:


Let me know what you guys think.

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