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Enemy Amounts In Mobile Defense


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I generalized this rather than putting it in 'Larissa' where I specifically had the issue. I know the new mod system is everything nowadays (exaggerating here, not flaming on it) but I used Every. Single. Revive. on that one mission in solo mode. I chose solo because I wanted to be able to 'pause' if I had to, if you need a reason. Now, I know that Lotus says to expect HEAVY resistance but it was ridiculous. The only reason, and I mean ONLY reason I managed to get through it was my uber: Overload. I'm lucky I was able to use it, others might not be so lucky. Now, I'm not saying that there needs to be changes so solo players can get through it too, with good enough mods and skill it's possible, but we're supposed to DEFEND the terminals, not run and hide in order to recover our poor shields when the corpus (or whoever) rush in and barrage you like a-holes. The sheer amount of them I had to make swiss-cheese just to get to the terminals was a little much, and they just poured in like locusts when I activated the terminals and tried to run away when the job was done. I even had to leave a mod behind just to survive. This, being the only mod dropped the entire time as well.

My suggestion: Tone down the enemy spawn amount on Mobile defense just a little...and please make there be less Shield Ospreys. They're a pain to aim at even with the latron and make it nearly impossible to kill enemies when you need to from a long distance while they can shoot at you with impunity. I can deal with leesh ospreys eating my shields, but the shield sprays make it that much nastier.

Please no comments about how I should play this with friends. I would if I could so there.

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