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Different Theme Song For Each 'frame?


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Someone suggested this a while back and I was opposed until today. I just finished Rhino and the laughable sprint speed that is about on par with loki's walk speed made me think of this.

Geto Boys - "Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta"

I was making the final run to the exit and it felt like it was going to take an hour.. When in my head I heard the lyrics,

"And real gangsta-&#! $&*(#s don't run for S#&$

'cause real gangsta-&#! $&*(#s can't run fast"

Im now on board with each frame having its own song. And you know my nomination for Rhino, cause he is a slow &#! gangsta.

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I loathe rap music and the mysoginists who sing it. If we do have them music for seperate frames, please keep it instrumental, like all the other music that is currently in warframe.

So you hate a musical genre (and make sweeping statements about those who create and enjoy it) in it's entirety because a subset of it is predjudiced against women? And I'm sure you're blind to the hypocrisy, too.

On topic, I suppose you could have a lot of fun with theme music as an idea, but it doesn't really appeal to me. I usually play with the music muted and listen to something else anyway.

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