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Are We Going To Be Able To/can We Derank Mods?


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So i'm just dumping mods on my rifle and leveling a few not really paying attention and i just noticed that i am about to run out of space.


Which means i wont be actually able to level some mods to max cause i wont be able to put them on. Which means i have to do math and stuff while i am leveling these things, which means i have to use my higher brain functions when playing this game.

So can we get an oops function so we can better adjust our mods as we put them on instead of doing math beforehand to see what i need to rank up to what specific rank. Like, i want to have more max ammo rather than clip size after seeing that my Gorgon would benefit more from that so i derank clip to be able to up max ammo.

And, yes, i know an anwer can be, "Well, just take off the Clip Size mod!"

PS- yes you can make fun about how i am all slow.

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