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Update 11.8.0

Tetra – A Corpus Rifle!
Unleash a barrage of lethal energy bolts with the Tetra! Drawing from its huge quad-chambered clip, this laser pulse rifle harnesses powerful energy to bring heavy damage to the enemy.

- New in-chat updates about News, Alerts, and Invasions. It’s Red Text’s robot brother/sister/son?, Mauve Text (colour subject to interpretation).

- Server-side change on 1/20/2014: More frequent Grineer vs. Corpus invasions. Originally invasion system allowed for 2-5 days of downtime, this has been changed to only allow 1-2 days downtime.
- Increase odds of Corpus/Grineer attacking multiple targets after conquering a node
- Terminus, M Prime, and Elion excluded from alerts so brand new players don't get tripped up by them.
- Updated menu planet/node hint to give specific names (Mercury and Terminus) for new players. Until the player has completed a mission they cannot select a planet other than Mercury.
- Increase outbreak decay rates a little so they don't bog down an entire planet for days.

- Fixed client crashing when capture target spontaneously dies.
- Fixed Private messages not staying in proper order when going into and out of missions.
- Fixed issue where host election would not work after going back to a lobby.
- Fixed occasional capture target trapped being trapped in ceiling in the Void.
- Fixed clients scanning without zooming in.
- Fixed issue with enemies not spawning in Corpus Gas Cities unless certain rooms were entered.
- Fixed Sentinel Stinger weapon not using energy colour on its hit effects
- Fixed broken maptile in invasions: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/161909-broken-maptile-in-invasions/
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