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A Peek At The Horizon: January 22, Present & Future.

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Have you been playing a lot of Warframe and find yourself asking the following questions?

What can I expect today?

What can I expect in the next couple of weeks?

What can I expect next month and more?


I thought I’d give answering some of those questions a stab. So let’s start backward: What can you expect next month and beyond? At this point the next overhaul we’ve really set up and discussed is: Melee 2.0. This is a system that aims to improve melee gameplay, buff melee weapons, and introduce a new equip-based system for all melee weapons. This is anticipated to be a month or so away still, and Geoff will have more information in Friday’s stream that is specifically on Melee 2.0. Make sure to jump on the stream and ask him all your questions!


So, if you’ve asked yourself “what can I expect next month”, this is part of your answer. The other parts of your answer are in the works right now – Lore expansion, more variety to gameplay, Boss reworks, and (I promised Steve no spoilers on this topic) End Game.


Now, time for what can you expect in the next couple of weeks? There will be a lot of content and fixes, to list out some of the bigger items:


- The release of the Forest tileset on Earth. You’re in for a treat.


- Polarity management for gear that you’ve Forma’d.


- New Warframe that might have somehow slipped into the last prime time ;)


- Brand new in-game HUD that I’m drooling over.


- Dynamic character portraits - giving more personality to the characters who guide and taunt you.


- Enemy Leaders (supercharged AI that buff their allies).


- On the PS4 side, in a best case scenario (all testing passed), you can potentially expect the long overdue Update 11.5 + this week, but as testing continues it could be next week.


Also, a few things that I’ve been working on personally:

- A redistribution of the void drop tables to help with its long term health and increase the odds of getting gear you want.

- Endless Defense missions in the Void.

- Official Public Void Drops (where to find what) – this will be in text form and available outside game until the Codex is properly hooked up.   


And now to look at today, what can you expect today?

A small part of the team are focusing on this week’s Reinforcement/response to bugs and the fixes coming with it, but most are hard at work on the above (and beyond) so we can get it to you as soon as possible.





P.S. Oh, you were wondering about Update 12? Let’s just say it’s coming within the timeframe above and contains so much more that I just can’t bring myself to spoil for you…..yet.


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 End Game.



Endgame - this is the moment where WF grows up. We don't need spoilers. But we do need to know what endgame means to you.


And that hopefully you've seen the playerbase's reaction to endgame threads, and considered that in your efforts.


And most importantly, that your plan for endgame contains:


  • a sustainable way to challenge ourselves (EG: not another lephantis!)


  • a means of rewarding exploration of the road less traveled (in terms of strategies, frames, builds, and literal exploration. you've built a huge game, create some situations that encourage using more than the same loadout/frames/tactics over and over)


  • a playable mechanic to give more meaning to the tons of content you create (where are Frames from, why did Grineer create napalms, etc)


  • more than pure number scaling (eg: not endless def/surv)




- Enemy Leaders (supercharged AI that buff their allies).


Please make them power power resistant or otherwise challenging to defeat or we'll just faceroll them with a single press of 4..and never notice.


And...Thank you! We're looking forward to these changes...and your answers :)

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I'm glad for the coming changes, and very grateful. Thanks, Sheldon and DE!


Just a fair warning though, expect lots of hate for not having the drop tables available in an in game manner, with claims of them being rigged, to pop out of the wood works! I'd recommend putting your flame suit on.

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Great news Sheldon, thanks for taking the time to post.


Can you indulge me in a specific answer tho? I've been wondering, what is happening with the Sabotage revamp? Scott brought it up a couple of months ago, is it in development hell? 

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awesome! Seems DE is listening to our desires :D


1 - void drop tables reworked? - thank god!

I've been spamming T2 and T3 defences for the last 2 weeks hoping to get a god damned Fang Prime blade - I could of built 25 Latron Primes, but not 1 Fang Prime

=> glad this is being looked at!


2 - New Warframe? - Always good :D


3 - Forest tile-set? - Yay, I can finally complete the Codex :)


4 - New HUD? - Nice 


5 - Polarity Management? - Sounds handy :)

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If you don't actually address all the core issues that have been stated in countless well written posts, such as RNG, New Player Experience, etc then to myself personally it's all just hot air. I truly like Warframe but at the same time frustrated by these band aid fixes and new shinys that simply, IMHO, serve to only distract from the above core issues that really need to be taken care of.

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No melee 2.0 for U12? awwwww.


after that:

-acknowledging the frame leak



-#nospoil <- NO. SPOIL EVERYTHING. NOW. D:



Sixty5 you own the "soon" trademark by now.

Trademarks should be awarded to the people that make the most awesome stuff with the object of the trademark instead of the current law :D

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Thank you so much for this formal dev post. I hope that these can be a normal thing, as a supplement to the live streams. Stuff like this will not necessarily make me buy more plat, but will keep me from uninstalling when stuff is slow.


Thank you again, hope this becomes a more regular thing.

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At last someone else from the Devs couch shows their 'face' and actually adresses the community.


Although u haven't said anything we didn't already know i really want to check the new HUD out, finally a new HUD, thank you jeezus! It looks so sweet!


Thank you Sheldon


P.S. can u find out what happened to that fancy new fog system that was shown last year? Like 5 or 6 livestreams ago?



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