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Weapon upgrades


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Hello there,

I just bought Lex pistol and after getting some points to upgrade it i saw "Clip" upgrade which increases the clip size from 6 to 6, then i put another point to another "Clip" upgrade on the same weapon still saying it increases from 6 to 6 tho, but ingame i have 7 clipsize even if i have 2x clip upgrade.

Then the next thing is that there are dmg upgrades saying it increases from 30 to 33 and when i put another point to 2nd dmg upgrade it still says it increases from 30 to 33, then it seems like it doesn't stack.

And at the end after all dmg upgrades made on weapon in the menu says it has standard 60 damage.

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Upgrades calculates from original value, not from summary.

The upgrades and mods give bonus in percents, which means 0.5 bonus is possible.

You take two half upgrades and have 1 full upgrade.

But yeah, in generally it's just not working properly.

Well, CBT after all.

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