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Lasers, not working mini-map and mission does not load fast enough.


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So I joined a mission with random people, we played some maps and when we got to a mission with lasers, they would not stop working. This resulted in we losing the mission and losing 20 minutes because of that. Also that happened for about 3 more times since them and if you press ctrl while jumping you can go trough the lasers.

In another mission we got to a lockdown. It showed us were the key was and when one of my teammates got the key my mini-map stopped working, making me lose track of where I am and spending 5 minutes searching for the extraction point.

In a raid mission we kind of split up into 2 teams, me and someone else had gone forward and killing a few people on the way while my teammates stayed and killed the enemies locked, we found a lockdown but it did not tell us where to go. We searched the whole map for 10 minutes then we decided to go back to the locked door. On the way back we have found more enemies and that the lady thing speaking again, we were NOT at the lockdown door yet, we still had about 3 minutes until we got there. When we got back to the door the lady thing had finally told us where the key was. When we got the key my mini-map stopped working again. I think this may be because we split into teams and had gone trough the level more individually than as a team or we had gone too fast trough the level and it did not load completely.

The lasers and the mini-map happen the most though.

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