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Update 11.9.0 + 11.9.1- Operation Oxium Espionage

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RIP in peace AkMagnus.



Lol don't use 'in peace' after 'RIP'. Its already there.



That's the joke.


RIP in peace is a term commonly used among people with limited knowledge of the English language or in order to appear funny and/or unintelligent in the eyes of others.

It’s an excellent example of broken English, since it actually contains an abbreviation for “rest in peace” or the Latin equivalent of it, “requescat in pace” – thus the actual meaning of the sentence becomes “rest in peace in peace”. This is often acknowledged by the writer, and is a form of trolling – meant to lure people who are new to internectual cultures to it’s demise.


The phrase “rip in peace” originates from a Finnish imageboard called Kuvalauta, where an anonymous poster posted a picture of a tombstone with words “R.I.P. Make 1.3.1996-16.7.2010” and a Suzuki PV in front of it. In the post was announced that a Finnish meme hero Make had violently died when crashing in to a police car while doing a wheelie after consuming a large amount of energy drinks.

The first reply to that post was the infamous term “rip in peace”, acknowledging the fact that a cultural hero had passed away and paying the most utmost respect.


The phrase has spread rapidly all over the internet, but not many know the original birthplace of it. It is commonly seen in Dolan-comics (which originated from Kuvalauta as well), given that the Finnish users started using it first in the comics because it fit with the broken English the comics so very often use.


lol found this 


Sorry i am super bored.

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I am a bit less than satisfied about the Akmagnus, DE. the crit chance and multiplier is less than its single variant, which confuses me some when looking at the lex set and vasto set in comparison. plus the reload time... well akimbo weapons can have a longer reload time, but maybe 2.8 instead of 3 would be tolerable. It made sense when it was doing 88 dmg, but now it's not very tasteful. Plus, it's firing sound is of the ak/vasto set, which doesn't help. 

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Akmagnus- Dual Revolvers!

Bring double the impact and double the damage! The Akmagnus have twice the ammo and twice the stopping power of a single Magnus. Equip these lethal sidearms now! 


I calculate the Magnus DPS at 125 and the Akmagnus DPS at 153.58 so I don't see how Akmagnus does double the impact and double the damage, unless perhaps you were comparing the Akmagnus to the Lato Vandal whose DPS I calculate to be exactly that of half the Akmagnus DPS at 76.79.  But, Lato Vandal does mostly slash damage so Akmagnus does a lot more than double the impact compared to Lato Vandal.  So, I'm confused.

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These are some pretty terrible rewards. What ever happened to the ideas for the good operations like you had with the massive amount of reactors and the wrath vs corpus stun stick special, or the toxic stuff? This? This is just effortless.

Maybe, if you'll be so effortless, you should just enable the reward to be some plat, I'm sure some people would appreciate being able to get some new slots or a reactor the purchasing way in that case (cause you never give me 75% discounts and you're literally milking people with those prices otherwise, and EVEN WITH THEM.

You guys consider 20 dollars to be a Warframe plus reactor's value. That's not just absurd, it's criminal.

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Hotfix 11.9.1


Dialed down Base Damage on Akmagnus by half (was 88, now 44).


Guys....yes it was strpng but really..

I was looking at it as an upgrade in damage to the aklex. Now its still behind it.

Instead of nerfing it why not raise the required mastery level?

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this is my 3rd orokin catalyst invasion that ended before i could finish my 5th mission ! seeing alerst with such a rewards end while we where offline was disappointing enough , but i cannot begin to describe my frustration when you invasion ends after your 4th run before you can finish 5th to qualify for battle payment ...   DE!!!   STOP PUTTING OROKIN CATALYSTS IN INVASIONS OR AT LEAST ALLOW PEOPLE FINISH  BEFORE IT ENDS!!!  

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Well... that event is quite short. The mod seems to be interesting though and the affinity booster is quite nice. Overall, not bad for an update, but I was sorta expecting Update 12 for some reason. That should be out soon though, so keep up the good work. 

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Oh goodie, another event I'll get sick of doing after I ran it 3-4 times.


Edit: Thank you for FINALLY fixing the immortal skins.

Did one survival and one defense, got 45/50 required samples. So no, I doubt you'll get sick of it ;)


I recommend good ol' Xini, had great results there.

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