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Update 11.9.0 + 11.9.1- Operation Oxium Espionage


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Ok - [DE] - im having a problem here,

I do not want to use my "Forma'ed Magnus" for this new twin Akmagnus weapon.


I purchased 2 seperate Magnus blueprints for the Akmagnus Weapon.,

But it still wants to use my "Forma'ed" magnus which I DONT want to do......


Please fix this problem and let me choose what I want to choose to build this.......

Blueprints? you didn't create them? Also you're able to choose which, else your game files are weird.

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Hotfix 11.9.1


Dialed down Base Damage on Akmagnus by half (was 88, now 44).


First nerf after of release... good ¬¬

Single magnus is better than akmagnus, more critical and status + one polarity slot


Others dual weapons preserve their critical and status, I don't understand why this not :S


PD. Edit video akmagnus, it shows his first damage...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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