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Login Failed. Could not connect to server.


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There are probably other thread like this one, but I created this because most of those thread are wrongly titled.

I'm probably not the only one having this problem at the moment. Can we get some answer from the moderators? Is the server currently full; is it just network problem in your part or is there an on-going maintenance we haven't heard about?

Things I've tried so far.

1. Restart the client.

2. Sign-in using a different account.

3. Flash my DNS.

4. Change the ports.

5. Turned off the firefall.

Extra note: The forum doesn't feel so lively. At the moment I see that moderators of this forum are not online most of the time.

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Same problem here, guessing its issue with server and all new accounts.

Not a new account, though having issues.

I have a friend thats been logged in for a while and isn't having problems, though. And he made his a few hours ago.

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Same problem. It is also not preserved resolution. In the settings shows the dimensions of the right resolution, but in fact the resolution several orders. Helps to change permissions on both the confirmation and return of the resolution. Constant disconnects when in the lobby and game settings. On missions and in all normal.

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Same thing here, friend was having no issue and we both joined the same day. When i first loged in all was fine, i got my daily, then it loged me out, gave me the issue once, then i loged back in, we start a party and prepare to launch, i get kicked out, cant connect since. I let him log in using my account to see if that was the problem and vise versa, i cant connect still and he, on my account, was back to the tutorial.

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