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hi i've gotten 2 big updates since the latest hot fix, what are they ?

there's no information at all in build notes or announcement section.

btw, when ever i update the game, my client ended up getting file corrupt, misplaced objects, ripped doors, missing textures, always .. so i have to re-download the whole game every time there is an update, which would normally takes 3 days with out my friend downloading it for me ..

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I think they've all been hotfixes, just small ones to fix glaring bugs. It's sucks about the corrupting though, can't really suggest anything there.

ah thanks, at least i know i'm not missing any new features.

it's just i really don't like it when i'm doing something i don't know, or something that i don't know is happening arround me. wish they could update the thread.

the update was about 50 mb each for me tho (checked manually via data transfer rate). the 1st one i see is Lato Vandal got it's own item image, the 2nd one is still a mystery for me.

i doubt adding a single item thumbnail takes that much ..

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