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Got 43 Platinum.


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if you have limited plat, the only things to buy are slots and catalyst or reactor.

slots -cannot- be found.

reactor/catalyst -can- be found, but are just one among so many... it's often difficult to get one when you need it

everything else worth getting can be bought or found. a lot of the finds are rather rare.. but the items involved here are not as critical.

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Yep. Revives reset every day plus you get four revives per warframe, so even if you run out on one you'll still have revives on the others. As Venarge said, slots are the only thing you can't get by putting time into the game.

Personally I'd focus on getting warframe slots. Weapons are much easier to craft than warframes, so if push comes to shove you can sell a weapon to open up a slot so you can try another weapon. Don't like it? Craft the other weapon (or another different weapon) again and level it back up.

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