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Not Getting Credits.


Yeah, Im not sure why but it seems like Ive stopped recieving credits at the end of missions. I get rewards and the credits that I picked up just fine but no credits for completeing. Is it just bugged or is it something else?

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could have something to do with being "at the exit" when the mission ends

if you're not solo and other members of your group rush to the exit and the missions ends with you elsewhere on the map, i have often been left with no credit bonus, less exp, etc

pretty annoying IMHO

if this is not the case for you, then there could be some other bugs at work I dunno

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That might be the case, Im not entirely sure. I know I wasnt at the exit when I finished the last mission I did and recieved no credits. But I cant say for sure if thats the case with the others. I'll keep an eye out and see what happens in the future then.

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