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"I am Mag." - Short Fiction


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I am Mag.

In silence I await. Patience is key to the role I play in the rebirth of the Tenno. My eyes watch for openings, my ears wary of danger and my skin prickles with the gentle flows and changes of the magnetic tide. It is a life of nanoseconds; preparing for that one moment when the Grineer toss grenades into the path of a charging Rhino or when the vacuum of space threatens to offset my aim while my comrades attempt to shut the blast windows.

Such moments like these come often in the war we rage to reclaim the rightful place of the Tenno.

The Grineer pinning us in place leaves no openings as he wades down the corridor, the huge muzzle of the Gorgon in his hands spitting fire in every direction. What few attempts my comrades have had to advance have been cut off by small arms fire from the heavy weapons support team.

The fight is looking bleak. For a brief moment, I wonder if it is the end, but my eyes catch a single moment in time when hope abounds for us.

From behind their rapidly disintegrating cover, my compatriots see my intent. Silent agreements are marked in nods; so trained are we to see the signs of combat. It is instinctive, perhaps; this power in our blood.

The Rhino takes the first move, as the team of Grineer supporting the large heavy weapons unit reloads at the same time, each of them leaving us a desperate opening of mere seconds. His charge is like thunder on the metal floor as he runs forward; a sounds that resounds in my heart like a war drum. The Excalibur and the Trinity follow behind, ready to assist in the assault and finally I make my move.

The Gorgon-wielding traitor finds its way into my sights and I curse it with the unseen, primal powers of the universe. Through the energy I expend to encase him in a shell of magnetic fury, I feel a shiver – hot and freezing cold at the same time – run down my spine. His Gorgon opens up once more and to his horror, the bullets catch in the storm around him and rebound deeply into his flesh. The Trinity’s pistol likewise finds purchase with every thundering roar, but it is the Rhino that claims victory. I watch as the team of Grineer is torn apart by the blades and combined power of my compatriots… and I feel satisfied.

To some, wars are fought on the edge of a blade; for me it is in the unseen forces that govern this universe. Be it magnetism, gravity, law or justice, you cannot quantify the power of belief.

It is my faith that strengthens me, and so my fellow Tenno thrive.

I am Mag.

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