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Update 7.2 Hot-Fixes

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7.2 Hot-fixes!

- fixed chat window not appearing when running at certain resolutions, added diagnostic output if connection fails

- additional fixes for enemies getting stuck behind doors in Endless Defense missions

- enemy variety now changes as players progress through waves of Endless Defense

- Ciphers should no longer appear as rewards when completing high level waves of Endless Defense

- Sentinel weapons now gain XP

- Sentinels are now affected by Trinity's healing powers

- Reactors and Catalysts are now listed in the Arsenal / Inventory screen

- fixed APEX effects being disabled on laptops running nVidia Optimus Technology

- fixed issues with Dual Zoren's responsiveness when speed mods are equipped

- fixed melee weapon getting stuck in hand if player rolls while meleeing

- fixed Cryopod not receiving damage from Infested melee attacks

- fixed animation bug when executing idle enemies

- fixed being able to fall through the floor in a couple areas within Outpost levels

- tweaked Sentinel movement to make it less jittery

- fixed bleeding-out players being able to stand and move with limited input if downed by a knock-back attack

- fixed issue where context action prompts would sometimes remain on screen or fail to appear entirely

- fixes for reported crashes

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- Sentinel weapons now gain XP


Hope to see new weps we an equip them with soon! [:

lets hope they work :D

- Sentinel weapons now gain XP

this means the weapons can get stronger dmg?

I guess we will also have mods for sentinel weps? Just a guess though

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