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Earth Defense Lith Bug - Pictures Included


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Bug:  Enemies will randomly get stuck inside the large "Water Tower."


My personal solution

1. Equip Codex

2. Scout the Grineer inside the tower.

3. Get as close as possible as you can to the tower and Grineer.

4. Equip Detron

5. Shoot him until he bleeds.


If you don't have Detron, I believe any weapon that resembles Detron would work?  Anything with Puncture?


Pictures below.


Map Location


Side View of Water Tower



On top of Water Tower



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Holy crap this mission was hard. I've spent like five says trying to solo it and I finally did it, I finally freaking did it.

I was on my last revive and there were like two of those flying guys who can completely stunlock you with their arial bomb attack and the pod I had to protect only had like 500 health left but I managed to one shot both of them in the timeframe of like two seconds and I finally completed wave five. A masteful feat of luck and quick thinking that I was so proud of I had to brag about it on a forum.

Had to vent that, carry on with your day.

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