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Hotfix 12.0.1


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- Changes to size of minimap.

- Zephyr now has Agile/Noble idle stances. First day on her new legs, tough to be confident enough for stances.

- Zephyr Research at Moon Tier reductions:

Blueprint: 50K to 20K

Parts: 10 K to 2K


Sheldon confirming all clan tier research reduced as well :D



PSA: Over contributions resulting in negative Oxium in some clans cases, fixes ongoing.



- Fixed polarity Swap UI nuking polarities, if you selected a swap and then hit apply without making any changes, it would wipe your polarities.

- Fixed the Sentinels, they do nothing!

- Fixed issues where mods increasing magazine capacity did nothing.

- Fixed Natural Talent not being tradeable

- Fixed reward tier not being set for players who didn’t add a toxin to the injector in earth Sabotage missions, as well as fixed screen not turning red for clients.

- Fixed issues with text on Lephantis Transmissions.

- Fixed status chance for projectile weapons that shot multiple pellets (Drakgoon/Detron).

- Fixed a few crashing issues.

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....I'm stuck in the interception mission, even though I defended towers and killed remaining enemies....


I finished first wave and got offer mod 'Rush' but refused and played little longer, Now, I'm stuck, no offering, no extraction marker.


Please do something about this?

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Wait so Moon clan get's bumped down to 20K while they can have over 700 more than Moon clan? The hell.

EDIT: Ok nm, it was changed as well. Down to 6k. Only now our quantity is NEGATIVE for it. Oh boy!

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Thank you kindly.. Now please get to the UI hangs..


Curses for that beautiful new large garden.. I just had my dojo reset and I rebuilt it.. I so would have used that in areas of my dojo. ;( I did wayyy too much work to reset again.. So it is what it is.. I'll save it for when you give us more dojo rooms. ;)

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I don't see any mention of this, but Zephyr has an issue with clan badge base being a good 6 inches away from her arm, and her Uru Syandana location is on her head instead of her neck, which both looks weird, and slightly cool.... But mostly weird, don't know if that was fixed in the new update, but hopefully it's a easy fix.

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