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Hotfix 12.0.1


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The aim Graphical UI in the center of the screen is too big and obscures the field of vision also if possible make it semi-transparent

Transparency is a bad idea. The old crosshair was near-invisible in some situations. This one is just about right. Making it scalable would be the answer.

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I'm loving the new UI. I'd love it more if the reticle was 10%-20% smaller and the objective section on the left was 10%-20% larger. I had some embarrassing moments in survivals were i ran out of air unknowingly. Also, THANK YOU FOR BUFFING BOWS!!1!11:D


EDIT: This can wait till tomorrow or later, but Zeph's agile stance will need a look at when wielding secondaries(mainly akimbo secondaries)

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dang! u guys are still at work? much dedication! wow!


They had to have known how broken this update was. It would be unethical for them to push this patch out and then say, "Well, our job is done here! Let's go home...!"


At least they have some consideration for us...

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I still think 500 oxium for the smallest clan possible is way too much ( i have a 3 man clan and i think 500 might be overboard )

If you do Kappa at Sedna, you'll get like 25-60 Oxium per run, then it's not that much, I contributed more than half required for the research, so a 3 man clan is more than enough to research :D 

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Is Endless Defense suppose to be stacking rewards like Survival? If so, it's not.


Passed up a Forma to continue on in T3D in hopes of a Braton Prime Receiver and ended with only a reward cache of 4000 credits at the 30 minute mark...

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- Changes to size of minimap.

- Zephyr now has Agile/Noble idle stances. First day on her new legs, tough to be confident enough for stances.

- Zephyr Research at Moon Tier reductions:

Blueprint: 50K to 20K

Parts: 10 K to 2K


Sheldon confirming all clan tier research reduced as well :D



PSA: Over contributions resulting in negative Oxium in some clans cases, fixes ongoing.



- Fixed polarity Swap UI nuking polarities, if you selected a swap and then hit apply without making any changes, it would wipe your polarities.

- Fixed the Sentinels, they do nothing!

- Fixed issues where mods increasing magazine capacity did nothing.

- Fixed Natural Talent not being tradeable

- Fixed reward tier not being set for players who didn’t add a toxin to the injector in earth Sabotage missions, as well as fixed screen not turning red for clients.

- Fixed issues with text on Lephantis Transmissions.

- Fixed status chance for projectile weapons that shot multiple pellets (Drakgoon/Detron).

- Fixed a few crashing issues.

Frost's Snowglobe is not working properly. I was doing a sabotage on Earth and saw our Frost use a Snowglobe and suddenly the Snowglobe started to move as if it was centered on this one Grineer enemy. I don't mean a few meters, I mean it went from covering the injector to not covering it at all before it finally expired.

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Can you optimize the Hyena pack attacks because of the particles  , i've set my game to low visuals and it's still laggy as hell . The level plays fine no major fps drop or lag  and as soon as the pack comes , I drop  at about  10 fps 

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