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Hotfix 12.0.3


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Hotfix 12.0.3



- Added a new option to the Settings screen for "Show Player List". Makes the complete squad list visible by default during gameplay.


HUD Changes

- Revised mini-map marker icons for better readability

- Reticle and Mod card images are no longer affected by HUD Scale

- Ability dots now animate when they become active

- Ability icons and dots now reflect when they are in cooldown

- Fixed damage indicators on health not showing the right dimensions and sometimes not being visible at all

- Teammate pre-death icon now blinks



- Orokin Derelict Key Blueprints are now reusable

- Changed Ember Prime Helmet drop to blueprint to be consist with other drops



- Fixed the Gear Wheel not working when using a controller

- Reverted bow & quiver holster positions by popular demand

- Fixed misaligned pistons found on machinery in Forest Defense map

- Fixed a collision issue in Mobile Defense levels (e.g. Kappa) that could lead to players becoming permanently stuck

- Fixed all Shuriken Proficiency achievements requiring rank 30 to unlock


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Good addition to the HUD Scaling, those giant mods were not necessary at all.

It's still just such an unfinished revamp, kind of sad. I hope it actually grows into something better thanks to being out there this early.

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