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Hotfix 12.0.4


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Hotfix 12.0.4



- HUD indicators now use separate colors for Tenno and Opponent in Interception mode

- More legibility tweaks to HUD & mini-map markers

- Hooked up missing sound effects to many Grineer movement animations

- Improved Zephyr's Turbulence shield to provide better protection from distant enemies



- Fixed reticle not respecting HUD Scale after switching weapons

- Fixed inability to launch alert mission after pressing ACCEPT on the alert info pop-up

- Fixed loss of functionality after finishing a Conclave match

- Fixed all Sentinel Mastery achievements requiring rank 30 to unlock

- Fixed jittery HUD and mini-map markers

- Fixed players getting stuck in the Capture Target's room if they failed to hacked the same control panel that was used by the Target

- Fixed crash that could occur when using Vauban's Tesla




- Fixed mission countdown spontaneously starting when using Void Keys

- Fixed Trinity's Link becoming unusable if no enemy targets can be found after casting


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Are you finally going to fix HUD?


Remove dots from the Crosshairs. Put energy in the top right.


Add back the normal notification for level up, a giant screen in my face isn't nice, at all. Infact, I'd go so far as to reprimand the guy who made that a thing.


Give me the option to see my sentinel health or not, infact, give us options to do bloody anything we want to our HUDS, including reverting back to the perfectly normal HUD we had before this.


Remove the slant, once again.


Make the mini map easier to see. The down and up arrows alongside the waypoints and everything is miserable.


The only good thing about this HUD is it's a step in the right direction for downed allies.

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