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Tremor, The Terraformer - Earth Frame Concept


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The really upsetting thing about trying to make an Earth frame is trying to make the ultimate be ground-based without just making it Soundquake.


Were Soundquake not already a thing, I'd have him place a mine on the ground that, once activated, caused the ground to just erupt with stalagmites over a period of a few seconds, knocking enemies around and just impaling them over and over until the effect ended.

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Why not just make it drop mines on the ground behind you as you go, so you can make your own minefield?


Because that's exactly Fissure's mechanic, and I don't want to repeat frames like Banshee, Valkyr, Vauban, etc who just repeat the same targeting mechanic; Rhino got his abilities merged for that sort of thing.


Although I do think I'll open up Burrow so you can cast other abilities while you're underground.

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Spotted this during a google search looking for inspiration. It's marked as an alternate skin for Rhino, but it's very... inspiring.


Not my work, I linked to the source I got it from, assuming he's the original artist.


Just saying, it's inspiring. Perhaps not Tremor, but inspiring.

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