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Some Details Disappear


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I've been encountering a bug that makes certain art elements disappear. Some of the missing elements I've noticed are:

-Infestation spores/effects

--The mushrooms/swirling red stuff don't show up on my screen.

-Flashlight (both the lighting and the "image" do not appear)

--My flashlight just isn't there. I confirmed it should be with my partner.

-Level lighting

--I've only had this twice but the moody lighting for a level doesn't show, this made up for not having a flashlight.

-Armor not visible

--I just had this in my last game. My current WF (Volt) had no armor on (no buttflap or zappy sparkles) when he dropped into the mission. My partner said the character appeared normal on their screen.

I cannot reliably reproduce these effects but I have seen them quite often and they persist through missions. My only fix is to completely restart the program. Here are some of my machine's specs, if desired:

CPU: Intel i7

Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7800 (Brand new, my wallet still hurts)

RAM: 8 Gigs

I can supply a Dxdiag if needed as well. I haven't had any issues on other games either.

(This is a very enjoyable game otherwise and I'm having a blast with my boyfriend, thanks!)

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