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Update 12.1.0: Grinlok

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Nice but when will the codex be fixed?

In the mod section it says I dont have a lot of mods anymore which I actually still have when I check it in mods section under arsenal.

I cant use it anymore now to find those last mods I dont have, and codex is very helpfull to see which ones you dont have and where they have a chance to drop.  

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Ahzz, I'd rather not have my account wiped. After almost 650 hours of playtime, I'd like to think that I had some pretty nice gear, and I'd rather keep it.


i have Master Level 13 and around >300 in-mission time ... and well its open beta, a wipe is allways a posibility! ... but imagine how it is hard to utilize new content for new / mid / end players .... its allmost imposible. Usualy only the end-players and some mid-players are whining on the forums that its "slowing" them from burning through content ...


as you self say, the game gave you allready 650h of FUN ... for FREE .... so anything new and additional is only good, no?


i assume that the end-game content introduced by steve will fix this issue, as these kind of players will be focused on new long-term activities they can perform and not wait for something new. BUT as we now KNOW its comming ... shouldnt we be patient with them? an honor them for all the effort?

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no they try to make new interesting stuff ... i guess that the 1/4 of players which are Master level 14 and have all the weps and frames maxed can be &!$$ed about the wait time for three days, but come on ... all the other players have tons of other stuff to level so why whine?


Interesting stuff it is indeed, what comes out looking really bad and not only for me (a player that as leveled any good and worth leveling weapons in the game and all the frames, except Excal Prime) is this thing of having clan tech in the market.


I'm not whinning, i'm trying to state and show that i'm &!$$ed that DE is making a really bad move with this buyable clan tech stuff.


P.S. and adding clan tech in a hotfix is not a good move also, cause ppl are used to have a ready to go weapon on wednesday´s hotfixes, well at least those that don't have much else to do in this game.


*Let me go and finish to level up S#&$ty weapons just for kicks*

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Thanks for another update. Looking forward to trying the new rifle and pleased with the various fixes, especially the Banshee one.

I'm frankly baffled by the attitude of many posters here. Why is it a surprise that DE are using content as a way to make some money in a title that is free to play? If you like the game and want to support the devs then put your money where your mouth is. If not, either be grateful for an entirely free experience that is provided to you or play something else.

How people presume they are in a position to tell developers what to do with their time is beyond me.

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The polar opposites of this update are quite intriguing.

The pros:

  • I very much appreciate and enjoy the minigame, that is one worthy easter egg if I've ever seen one. I hope it is to stay and not to be removed ever. If I had one thing to mention; please have the angle slightly more flat. And no, I do not bash you for this little gem of randomness, because sometimes even the developers need to have a little bit of fun - and then they are also sharing it with us, so I can't even be remotely frowning at you for that. Seriously, well done. I'd like to know how much fun you had doing this thing, and contrary to popular belief, I do not think it took an awful lot of mindblowing effort so it has likely not cut away "important development time" as people above claim.
  • The obstacles are randomized! No repetition, yay. And you really did a good job with the hitboxes there, damn :D
  • The Grimlock reference to Transformers did make me smile.
  • Some very important and needed OPTIONS. Seriously, DE, this is what keeps players happy. Not forcing a direction but letting us choose our preference.
  • I will keep a keen eye on that duplicate unranked fortitude mod which should be scheduled to disappear then, because so far it hasn't.
  • COMPLETELY ABLE TO REMOVE HUD = *lots of my love*

The cons:

  • There is no way to get out of the minigame other than quitting the game entirely, which is really bad. Allow us to hit the escape button for the menu to "return to login screen" instead of rebooting the entire fricking game. Thanks.
  • Why not include the minigame as part of the actual account you log in? That way your highscore can be saved. It is kinda sad to see such a great addition being prone to waste due to lack of connectivity. Heck, it can even be put into the very bottom line of the profile statistics for everyone to see. ((
  • Yet another weapon... *sighs* I do not care if it is clan tech and Platinum only (that is an entirely different discussion I will not dabble in here), I care about that it is a weapon AGAIN. As if we didn't have enough VISUAL problems to fix or VISUAL content to add which is not weaponry or a Warframe. I ask you dearly, stop releasing one weapon after the other. Make the existing ones more meaningful with actual big updates. You WILL get completely stuck in the powercreep area before long, with no return, and you WILL end with 95% obsolete items.

    You have a lot of weapons that are in dire need of redesign and rebalancing. I can think of a multitude of things that the animation & art team as well as balance and code people can do INSTEAD of creating new weapons to be released. All things that are right up their alley. If you absolutely HAVE to bring in new weapons, then look at what is currently missing in the damage sheet and either re-adapt existing weapons or bring a new one that actually fits a niche that has still been untouched due to the aftermaths of Damage 2.0 Yes, the Grinlok fits the niche, but others don't. Especially with the existing powercreep.

    Where will you be, 4+ weapons per month? Out of useful and unique ideas before the end of the year. And we are still in "beta".

  • Some of the new options either don't work unless you restart the entire client, or they flat out crash the game. Absolutely random.
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Wow, so this is the endgame Steve was talking about? A flappy bird clone that controls like trash.


I don't think DE are ready for real PC and PS4 development. I mean, they have yet to make a decent mobile game ripoff.


This is a bloody joke. There are still countless bugs in the game, but no, this little easter egg is more important than them, right? Who needs a proper action game when you have FLAPPY BIRD?





THE RAAAAAGE!!! tonight...

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