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      HOW TO: Claim Livestream Platinum Prizes   31/03/16

      Hello fellow Tenno! Decided to make this guide after receiving multiple private messages and seeing multiple threads on how to claim plat prizes during official Warframe streams. Please remember to refer to the images in the spoilers for more information. Please Note: To be entered into a Platinum give-away on the Warframe Twitch Channel, all you have to do is log into Twitch and watch the stream. Despite what you may see in chat, there is NO requirement to post anything in chat. 
      Step 1:
      If your Twitch name is called out on a official Warframe livestream (Xbox 1 @ 1 / PS4 @ 4 / Primetime / Devstream), you will need to message the Warframe channel with your in-game alias and the platform you play on (PC, XB1, or PS4). To send a message select the "gear" icon at the bottom left, just under the stream window:
      Step 2: 
      Once you have selected the gear icon as shown above, click "message" to open up the editor:
      Step 3:
      Send a nice message to DE with your in-game alias and the platform you play on. Once you've done that click "send":
      Step 4:
      Be patient, once the message has been sent all you need to do is wait patiently and give [DE] "Ember Prime Ginga Ninja" Megan time to dish out the goods. You should have your plat within 24 hours provided there are no emergency issues at DE. If you believe you have been forgotten and it has been 3-4 plat-less days, then it might be a good idea to contact [DE]Megan on the Forums for an update on the situation since no one likes having platinum in limbo.
      Step 5: 
      Enjoy your winnings, Tenno!     [written by Community Moderator / Senior Guide NovusNova]

New Contest: A Quest Unknown!

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There was once a tenno with specific skills that the rest could reunite and fight for freedom in the name of tenno . those who will survive to fight in this war, those who are smart and look for specifics weapons and abilities to get through . sly as possible in order to liberate and fight against evil their friends.


but there was a tenno who were exiled from their group 's name is a stalker and is looking for revenge for the tenno pages out rowing, he will also clever and cunning and dangerous fight to fade. (the history of the stalker secret part of the story : the stalker as it calls now was a member of the tenno he was good and smart could kill hunderds of enemies in his own but he wanted more than honor he want power to rule about everything. lotus was afraid of it that this would happen. so she decided to expell him from the tenno. he wanted revenge so he changes his way and focused on one thing kill every single tenno and lotus. he followed the tenno's to find out what they were doing to get information about them to make a plan but it goes wrong when the lotus knew he was all the time with them to gather information when the tenno's saw them they tried to kill him but failed only one tenno survived but it cost his strength so he took a long sleep. when the war was begun they needed him so the lotus sended couple tenno's to protect him until he was recharged to fight against the stalker this is why the stalker wants to kill them.)


so that no series tenno from space tenno more alive. if the stalker to get for each other to kill them , the lotus stand and hunt him down and exterminate  she 's the one who 's leading the tenno and training in order to stop the war. how hard they have to fight it out there how long it may take up ever comes to an end and the margin in peace and harmony as it said.


We will see who will be the one who gets it done to lead the war tenno and pain he who keeps calm and determination of his case will be where their tenno to have hoped. tenno that will help them or join the stalker, the choice is yours


the mission is exterminate the stalker and survive the war and make their an end of so the citizens can live in peace and harmony

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I hope you guys like this one.



The following is a story of how one tiny crewman changed a Tenno's life for the better.




"I am no longer the man/space-alien-ninja-thing I used to be. I remember once being feared, respected, and cursed. To the humans I was simply known as, "The Cleaner," I made it my job to travel from one celestial body to another, wiping clean even the toughest of scum. My true name was only whispered with tinges of envy and jealousy by my brothers in arms.


With my vacuum carrier and corrosive gas Ignis in hand the task was simple. I could melt down the toughest of foes in seconds, then have my sentinel suck them up like they never existed. I wasn't in it for the money, or the weapons, it was simply all I knew how to do. I was the best in business, and business was good.




Over time, the glory of massacring my opponents dulled to tedium. I realized I was killing to get paid, to buy and craft better weapons, to kill more people, to make more money, etc. etc. I began climbing high places for no particular reason. Looking back, perhaps I was trying to get a new perspective on things. I'd just stare at panoramic views, looking for something more...




Then I met Steve, the crewman, and everything changed.


It started as a simple extermination mission. Enter, Exterminate, Extract. Brushing off a buffet of laser pellets with my Iron Skin I crushed what must of have been 15 men's internal organs with one mighty stomp. As their corpses fell out of stasis, I hesitated. I don't know what compelled me to stop, but I looked down and saw Steve.




At first I just noted a sad serenity upon his features, and was slightly taken aback. I had always thought of my enemies as blood-lusting and hateful creatures, but in his eyes I found none of the malice, hate, or greed attributed to the corpus. Instead, I saw a dream crushed; perhaps a dream of one day making enough money to return to his family and kids, off this frigid planet and away from these cold machines. A dream where he could retire as a music teacher for little corpus boys and girls, all looking up to him as a hero for finding alien technology that helped them colonize once inhospitable planets. I saw a man who died in fear and deep sorrow.


How many more like him, had met their ends at my hands, or feet? How many lives have I snuffed out without thought or consideration. Slowly I began to see the foolish mindlessness of murder and retired from my bloody career. I now live as an avatar of peace, hugs and kisses. I don only "non-lethal" weapons to protect myself while I spread the true message of the white lotus (and carry Dual Zoren so I can soar through the air whilst doing so.)  




Now you've heard my story Tenno, will you join my cause?"


Word count: 500

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Ok thanks. Last question...How do I use Imgur to post the pictures?

Use this code:

Or even better:

Cause this thread is torn apart by highres images.

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this is my story:
it was a mission like every other. me and rhino had to kill everyone on a corpus spaceship near venus. a strange tenno watched us since a long while. he always whispered creepy things like "im watching you" "i am your dead" or you will pay for that, what youve done". but i never cared about that. but this time was different. 4gzo.png

i really saw him at the end of the hall, next to the window. he had a mask like every tenno but i swear he was smiling. he had a strange scythe in his hands, ready to hit the next enemy. but he didnt. instead of that he broke the window and just vanished. i had barely enough time to save myself. i saw that rhino hasnt luck. he flew out the window, still trying to grap something. but then the windows closed and he was gone forever. i will miss him as a good friend and great warrior and good friend. fuy9.png

sometimes i think i hear him whisper to me but then i remember, that no one can hear you in space. i just dont get this feeling away that someone stands next to me.

i have another image but this doesnt work here. i hope you enyojed my little story. if yes feel free to rate for it :)

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1101110101   010010101100    0100111010110    010111110101

0101010100   110101011101    1101001010100    001010111000




Request asylum.  Location: Jupiter.  Coordinates: 141.3 221.6 mark 4, Corpus installation 33 beta.




I cannot ignore this request, despite the danger.  The upper atmosphere of Jupiter is cold, they use thermal cameras to detect intruders.  A full cell cannot evade detection, only I can extract the package.  Infiltration is simple, a hacked security terminal has disabled the cameras on the western landing pad.  Thank you, Darvo.  From there a corridor through power junction 3A is lightly defended.  A lone crewman stands between me and my objective.




Another stealth attack to dispatch another nameless enemy.  Did he have a wife, a family?  Do I even care anymore?  Such philosophical questions are a pointless distraction.  I continue to the coordinates provided in the message.  Ice coats the floor and ceiling, dripping stalactites loom in the frozen mist.  There in the distance, my locator indicates that the package is directly ahead.




How can this be?  A moa has requested asylum?  I deactivate my shade for a moment to signal my presence.  The moa transmits a message.


1010101010   001010101010    1101010111010    111010101011

1110101000   110101010001    1100000111110    101010100001




I have become self aware.  I must escape this place.  Help me.




How very interesting.  This could unbalance the tenuous situation between the Corpus and Grineer.  The success of this mission has become more important than ever.  The moa walks nonchalantly, if such a thing is possible, and I follow under the protection of my Shade.  For a moment I think it will be easy, until we cross into corridor 7B to the maintenance hatch.  Suddenly the alarms blare.  I was so careful, how were we compromised?  It doesn't matter, we must escape.


I lead the way, carving a path through stiff resistance, as the moa covers my flanks.  Detron pellets fall away harmlessly from my snow globe and for a moment I dare to believe we will be successful.  Suddenly I hear the electric crack of a Prova as it slams into the moa's leg.  I spin around and perforate the crewman's suit with my Latron Prime but the damage is done; my companion lies broken and unmoving.  Desperately I dig through the circuitry and ... YES!  The core processor is intact.  I tuck it away safely in my datamass container and continue towards extraction.




The shuttle bay is heavily guarded by cameras and crewmen, They don't see me yet, if I move quickly I can dispatch them before they can lock the outer doors and seal me into the complex.  I will save you, my robotic friend.  I am tenno.





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The Flashback (499 words)


It’s been a year since the Lotus awoke me. I do not remember anything from before this moment. The cryo-sleep took its toll. All I knew was that the Lotus should be trusted, and so I did. She send me on missions, she tested my skills. I quickly rose through the ranks until I got the message. ‘’Hunter, Your rapid increase of mastery of your powers and Warframe have made you stand out from your peers. I am therefore selecting you to join the Alpha Team. Report to your new XO at the shadow barracks at your earliest convenience. Kind regards, The lotus’’ 



Life in Alpha Team is much different. Even a single mistake can end it, we therefore work alone. We always do, until now. Back in the great war the Orokin evacuated a scientist of great renown to the void. While the void managed to corrupt him, the Corpus believe they can still extract valuable information from him. We need to kill him before the Corpus find him, simple as that. This is a simple but extremely important mission hence all 4 of us are here. I felt honoured to be selected for a mission like this.

While we never worked together our actions contradicted this. We systematically cleared the tower, maximum speed, minimal ammo consumption. ‘’The Corpus strike team has arrived’’ We suddenly heard the Lotus say. Split up in three and one, three of you hold the Corpus back while the other continues the hunt. ‘’Volt and Frost, come with me’’ Our Rhino squad leader said. ‘’Nova, you know what to do, we’ll hold them back’’ I nodded and ran off, it was my time to shine now.

My brothers seemed to have no problem with the Corpus, or so I thought. After every room I cleared though the calls I heard through the comm became less enthusiastic and more stressed. I had to hurry, the sooner I was done the sooner we’d go home. Room after room I cleared but no sign of my target to be seen. The comm went from stressed to distressed, energy was low and ammo was running out. ‘’I need to hurry’’ I said to myself when suddenly I saw my target It only took a single bullet, a chain-reaction of exploding ospreys ended my targets life. Mission accomplished, time to leave.



I was heading back to my brothers when I heard ‘’Harvester! Get down!’’ I started running, sprinting. When I got there I saw them from above. A frost globe to block long range shots and electric shields for short range. There were many Corpus, far too many. ‘’They are lost, hunter.’’ The Lotus said without emotion. ‘’Do what must be done and get out’’ I obeyed, the Corpus could not have their Warframes. I directed my anti-matter drop, waited for the Corpus to overwhelm them, and blew them up. My brothers’ limbs flew past my head. I remembered the sheer horrors of war………...…….............................................................................................................................

I remember.

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Good. The Tenno dropship sits destroyed within our territory. Elusive but no match for Grineer might. Begin the next phase, activate the device. The Ants are nothing without their Queen to guide them.




The greed mongers think they are the only ones capable of using the technology cradling those weak meat puppets. For the purpose of our research be sure keep them in a single lump.




We have great news, our scouts tell us they are without weapons. The Sisters will not tolerate any weakness on this mission. Strong as we are the Tenno are just as crafty, do not under estimate them as many have.




 If you can not find the Tenno at the crash site then you must make sure they do not find where our device hides.




Or that they find any method of escape. 






(The goal of this mission is that you're stranded and are weaponless until you kill an enemy and take their weapon to use until it runs out of ammo, and repeat. Doing this will also allow DE to make very precise difficulty without having to account for the absurd weapon strength we can amass. Don't know if warframe powers should be enabled or not though.)

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Well here go i guess.




Wingless, One Feather





   Beyond the Virus, Beyond the ancient winds. The Elder speaks, "I'm sorry it has come to this..."

Staring down bloody wings, She laid upon the ground barely conscious. Licking his lips, The Elder speaks his last words, "Young one, Bare these Chains that binds your wings as the last of our kind, the last of our species." He covered her flesh that was once her wings with rusty ancient armor. Taking a last glimpse of her blue hair and eyes, he bestowed her helmet.


   Ages later, she would awaken.


   A Grineer Squad Entered an ancient ship. One found a cyropod in an chamber. He Hacked at it with his clever releasing a suit of armor that dropped to the floor. "Tenno," The Butcher grunted. Raising his clever, he hacked at the sleeping target. Just as the moment the clever hit, a gust of wind blasted behind the butcher, killing him. The suit warily got up staring at her arm and hands. She was holding a feather.





   Silently she shivered knowing she no longer has her flesh wings. The sounds of explosions alerted her, and she ran to the exits. Looking outside, this was no longer her home. A blast of light struck her sending her spiraling. A Large metal man gazed at the suit, finishing his job, but as a warrior she refuses to die and summoned her torrential powers. There was no winds to guide her now ,however, she was chained by the armor that drained her powers. Nearly fainting, she only sees one image.






"Tenno, You are not ready to die yet." An voice radios in her ears. Lights surround her, and she was gone.


    She was teleported into a room. "You are Zephyr are u not?" The voice ask. Looking at her suit, she didn't know how to reply. "That doesn't matter, you were chosen, now you must fight with us. I am Lotus, here to help you." She ignores her and instead puts the feather she had on her back wanting to be who she was. Exiting the room, she leaves a trail of blue light






    She no longer had her powers and was forced to fight with weapons in combat. Outside of the room swarmed creatures she had fought before in her previous life. Memories of wings dwindle in her head while those creatures attacked her relentlessly. Without her powers, she would soon fail. Her wings filled her mind, her last feather that connected her and her past. As she opens her eyes for the last time, her feather flew by, giving a gentle breeze. She still had one feather of her wings. A strong wind surrounded her and filling her suit. Despite being chained to her suit, her previous power came.





As bodies fell to the ground, she walks out into dark space. She doesn't want this power granted to her by the "Tenno". All she wanted was her wings, and a way out of the Warframe.





"Tenno, We have a deal for you."



-End (500 words)





(Side note: Error message is irritating me ""You are not allowed to use that image file extention" i cant post up my pics)

(Side note 2: Got it working finally...)

(Side note 3: For Those wondering how i got the black background, Check the dojo, that's ur hint)

(Side note4: Barely managed 500 words hard limit.... )

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‘’They call me Ash, you may think that you know me, but nobody knows all the dark secrets that I have found out, or are a part of, but in honor of Valentine’s day I think I can tell you one’’


‘’It all started on Valentine’s Day, when I was on a mission in the void, we needed some supplies, I kept the infested away. Then before leaving I found a vault and luckily I had the right key whit me, but there was something wrong about this vault, everything felt so… warm and happy. I took the artifact and got out, without noticing the pink color spreading on my hands… I was cursed’’


‘’Now, every Valentine’s Day, I become the master of love striking from the shadows, whatever your faction is, doesn’t matter to me. Love is within everyone, even the infested’’



‘’Sometimes however, I forget to take the right arrows whit me, which can end badly.. but that is how it is when you normally is a killer’’ 


‘’No matter what, I escape without nobody even sensing me coming, but I do get hurt myself when I harm things in this form. Now you know, but if you ever come across me another time, then this secret dies whit you, Happy Valentine’s Day’’ 


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Not sure if having the boss and the same name counts as original lore but I felt like the boss needed some love. First draft was 621 words. Now it's 494 words. I had a lot more detail as to the boss fight but scrapped it. Cheers and thanks for reading.


I don't remember much.


I think a Shockwave Moa got a cheap hit on me and sent me into the water. Hit my head on a rock too and got knocked out, woke up in what looked like a ship, but something was off. 


It was dark, a bit flooded, and plants that wore death grew in the walls and wickedly curved into the ground and the Infected that roamed the halls and took me for no ally. I didn't like my current situation but I sure as hell had to make do. I knew that any other Tenno would've tried to contact the Lotus and the rest of their squad but my comms system was thrashed. So I was forced to continue on, find out where I was, and get out.


The Infested I fought were stronger and smarter than on ships that weren't like this.


My search had led me to a room painted in blood. The blood of who? Well...let's just say that trying to reach the rest of my squad on comms wouldn't be an option in the future. Vinny, a Volt, Jessi, a Nyx, and Erin, a Trinity. They were my allies ever since I was awoken from my slumber. I took possession of Vinny's Strun Wraith, Jessi's Twin Gremlins, and Erin's Dakra Prime. I made a promise to give them a proper burial when I got out. 


I eventually found a rather large room. Upon reaching the center of the room, the doors were barricaded with some sort of organic material, couldn't break through. Then I was attacked by three of these infested monsters, each comparable to a tentacle. I focused my fire on the pink glowing area on each monster and it easily did the job....or so I had thought. The three monsters disappeared into the floor and reappeared together, forcing their combined weight on the floor, making it collapse and bring me down. I hit the ground, grabbed my guns, stood up and looked at my new target. I froze. 


Codename: Lephantis. The Lotus told us that when we find this monstrosity to contact her and we could send most of the Tenno forces to take it down. So much for that. 


Two heads down, one left. Out of bullets. Erin's Dakra Prime felt right, the radiation seemed to make it glow brighter as I got ready. I took a deep breath before taking a few steps, then I felt like I was flying. I held the sword to my side and tightened my grip as I felt resistance against the blade. The struggle to break through was tough but once I got through, I went flying past the corpse of Lephantis and crashed into the wall, creating a giant hole in my helmet. I stood up, took my equipment and checked my comms once more. "We were looking for you." It was Lotus. "We got a ship coming your way, prepare for extraction."


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Who are you? Is it your body? Or your soul?
Giving you an identity is the greatest service we can offer before our time runs out. Make a decision. There is no wrong or right.
The Wise realized that mundanities cause hate and envy. Thus, it shall be your aim to serve a purpose. Being part of something bigger that goes beyond your perception. Not only will it be your duty to submit yourself but you will live in dignity and honour.
Acknowledge the priority of your comrades. Care for those who care for you. Then you will acquire harmony between your mind and body. Once you get in line with yourself, you will open your mind and grow innerly.
Your race is strong and powerful. Your ancestors became masters of combat over the past centuries. Follow your fate. Face the odds and prevail over your opponents. This is your task.
Whenever you feel lost or lonely, we can provide company and guidance. We are your community. We are you.
Pursue this tradtion. All we demand is your loyalty. It is your best option.

Understand the reality!

Life has always been a struggle - but we started a new era. There is no time to wait, otherwise enemies will strike hard. We are stuck right in the middle of a wicked warfare. You will have to fight - attack and defend. Do we have any other choice? You know what to do, warrior.
We will provide instructions and support, even more: A reason to live again.

Stop drifting around pointlessly, be reborn.

Accept this unique offer and we are going to give you a life.


This is our legacy to you, Tenno.







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Excellent work. You preformed the whole "I was that enemy" twist that I tend to adore myself. Excellent job, whether you win or not. I appreciated your story.

Thanks, I enjoyed writing it. I'm just glad to be playing a game with such a great community that can do activities like this. :)

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Ah damn, I see more than one submitted a similar story to mine ><" T'ah well, here goes nothing! (494 words)


 ‘Sweat… My body feels hot, yet I’m shivering… 3 A.M. again, huh…? Maybe a walk will help me go back to sleep… not that it ever helped before. The nightmares still plague me. The hellish flashbacks of those days: needles, tubes with liquids of indescribable colors, saw blades, drills, chanting in a language I couldn’t understand… I HATE THEM!!! There, another hole in the wall… is this the thanks I give my saviors? The set me free from those accursed labs, gave me a home in their dojo, showed compassion towards my mental and physical scars… and yet this is the fifth time I punch a hole in the wall of my room. Not to mention I’ve hurt two of the clansmen during my last rampage. I just can’t control myself every time I think of… AAAAAAAH!!!! I CAN’T STAND THIS ANYMORE!!!!’


Valkyr left the dojo before the clan had time to react. She took a ship and was on a direct course towards Jupiter. About an hour later she landed. As the cockpit opened, Valkyr rushed out gripping the Hek shotgun she “borrowed” from the clan armory and made her way towards the central tower of the gas city, blasting everything in her way, feeling immense satisfaction for every kill. Every bone she shattered, every brain she splattered over a wall, every limb she ripped off a still living Corpus fueled her. The only thought circulating in her head was ‘Kill… Kill… KILL!!!’ She wasn’t as brutal to the robotic moa though. After all, it wasn’t the machines what caused her pain.


Her rampage seemed endless. The amount of enemies she slaughtered would dwarf the kill-count dozens of Tenno clans. ‘Oh I've been looking all over for you Tenno!’ ‘YOU! WHERE ARE YOU!!?’ ‘Come, come!’ The voice in the loudspeakers faded and a huge door had opened. It was a vast hall with Alad V standing at the far end on a slightly elevated platform. ‘Have you missed me?’ his mocking voice makes Valkyr’s blood boil. ‘I WILL MURDER YOU!!!’ she yells and leaps towards him. A hideous abomination of what seems to be the fusion of multiple Warframes degraded to a four-legged monstrosity blocks her path. This was Alad V’s latest creation. ‘Zanuka! Kill!’ In an instant Valkyr’s shotgun is knocked out of her hands and the beast has got her pressed against the floor. The stench of its breath would cause anyone else to become nauseous. But not Valkyr. A scream sounding like the shriek of a hundred harpies while clawing on glass windows sends Zanuka flying back. Valkyr gets to her feet, her massive claws raised, ready to strike. The security camera in the hall brakes.


That was the last of the video footage that could be found. Valkyr had returned to the clan that saved her, now able to control her rage. Whatever happened to Alad V isn’t entirely clear. One thing is certain – it damn right isn’t pretty…

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question time for me!

so ive read the rules, and, i cant use ps or paint or whatever to enhance existing images, k, but can i use them to make perspectives from scratch since i cant even install the game on a 1gb ram laptop with onboard graphics? (i havent been able to play ANYTHING for more than two months because of this, but my trusty tower is still out there so i still have some hope for later on)

Unfortunately no, they must be in-game screenshots.

Question-In the image shown as an example they are obviously cropped to fit panel like, which can be done in Manga Studio, as long as the image itself is not enhanced in anyway can we at least crop and resize the image to fit a panel?

Yes you may crop the images to fit in your panels.

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Does it 100% need screen shots? and is 500 words a hard limit? can we exceed it a bit? and if we do, will the excess not be read or will the whole thing be thrown out?

Must include both screen shots and lore. Maximum of 5 screenshots and 500 words. If your entry exceeds the limit of words OR screenshots than it will not count as an entry, sorry!

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496 words, and nothing but bacon to fill it with. I have no idea how this idea came to be in my mind, but here it is. Enjoy.




Excalibur Prime and The Grand Quest for Bacon.


            If there is one thing in the universe worth preserving, worth kicking and screaming and fighting tooth and nail for, it is bacon. Bacon, that meatiest of culinary delights.


            And yet after the technocyte virus brought about the greatest change the universe has ever known, bacon became a lost art- a delicacy, disappeared. That, is however, until one Tenno took it upon himself to obtain the unobtainable and bring bacon back to the Sol system.


            Enter Excalibur Prime, a warrior who had spent his entire life searching for even the tiniest lead on what became of bacon.




            He travelled the worlds, searching- M Prime to Outer Terminus, and back again. But he never did find bacon- after countless acts, both noble and deplorable, and after countless dealings with the Lotus and, yes, Grineer and Corpus too, he had no luck. Excalibur Prime had wasted his life, and the only way out was a suicide mission into Infested territory on a slim hope of finding… something.  A mission that would have occurred had he not met Darvo.


            Darvo relented, after a favour or two, that the Orokin had, indeed, weaponized bacon. Warped and altered by the Technocyte virus, the last remaining slice of bacon was kept securely onboard a Grineer military ship bound for Terminus. Before Darvo even finished, Excalibur Prime was en route, Fang knives in tow.




            Sneaking onboard the ship was easy- his Warframe granted Excalibur a catlike grace, and the Corpus were kind enough to “provide” a small ship that flew under the Grineer radar. Excalibur Prime kicked open a vent to discover that he was in the navigation room. Maps were exactly what he needed to reach the most delicious weapon known to all lifeforms, and this room had what it took to acquire them.




            In no time at all, Excalibur Prime began a berzerker frenzy, Fang knives slashing and stabbing wildly as scores of grinner were reduced to bloody pulp- ironically enough, Excalibur was slicing Grineer like so much bacon. And after making countless bacon strips of his foes, and a few one-liners, Excalibur Prime arrived at the door housing the savoury artifact.


            The door was sealed, much to his disdain- this would be no easy task. Eyes burning with desire and rage, the culmination of his life's work before him, Excalibur Prime glowed a green energy, screaming as energy rippled forth from his body. If he still had hair beneath his Technocyte altered frame, it would have spiked up.




The door was vapourized in an instant, and Excalibur Prime stepped inside to claim his reward.


            And so that, children, is the story of how bacon was returned to the galaxy. A weaponized, infested corruption of it, but bacon nonetheless. The bacon technology spread throughout the system, and Tenno still use it to this day.




            And while some may call this holy sword the Mire, I simply call it delicious.

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I stood on the ground i once thought to be, holy. Walls and floor of finest platinum and gold. Fountains and lights. An Orokin tower.  


One of the places i once visited in my patrols long before we betrayed our masters.

I remember it to be full of life, full of people that hoped war will never reach them. Memories. Things that belonged to another past. Now i'm here for a different purpose. Then i was here to defend, now i am here to kill and destroy. 'Exterminate all life' is the order.  I ran trough the corridors of this sacred place killing the corrupted creatures that dared to venture these halls. I covered the once beautiful golden walls with blood of those that fallen to the tower and proceeded to go deeper.

Finally, after a few gruesome hours i stood over their corpses. Grineer. One of the races that entered these towers searching for something only their masters knew.


Power? Wealth? The Void itself? I didn't know, nor did i care but memories still flooded. Memories of a child that fired a ships computer with a surge of electricity. An armor, fashioned to serve as a guardian for a destroyed body. 

-What have i become.- I say to the fallen.

I remember Sedna.

One of the planets that still taste the bitter liquid known as war. Both on the ground and in space Corpus and Grineer try their best to annihilate each other with Tenno as their center.



Sure both sides did their share of killing but compared to us Tenno they were but amatures. Thousands, no millions. I could run miles and miles until i couldn't even see the end of that pile, and it was just my own.

I take one last look around the tower. It was desecrated by my own had. I bid it farewell and look down to the Grineer corpses.

-For you the war is over. Consider yourselves lucky.-

Back in the ship the Lotus gives her congratulations and i accept it. In the tower i now call home i say my 'hi and hello' but deep in my mind i am cleaning the blood of my weapons. The war is still on.

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This thread has been cleansed so entries don't get lost in the conversations.

If anyone has questions/concerns please feel free to pm me.

Great job so far :)

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My Name is Trinity, or at least that’s the name our masters “The Dev's” gave me. My team and I know nothing of the Dev's, who they are or what they do, we just know they are the masters of our leader, Lotus.

Lotus has only told us we must obey them, not knowing anything of our past or future we follow her orders blindly. The Dev's are always in control of our suits. They can either help us become stronger or they can weaken us for unknown reasons. I was on a mission last week with my team when right before our eyes the dreaded red text appeared on our huds like some ancient alien language we could never understand. This strange text appears whenever one of us is going to be upgraded on the spot or downgraded, we can only hope for the better.

After the text appeared another wave of grinner took us by surprise. Frost threw his snowglobe around the package we were sworn to protect as we all ran inside shooting everything outside of the globe.


Suddenly the globe shattered, all of us in confusion ducked for cover. Frost threw up another globe but it was no use. It instantly shattered again and again until Frost took a stray shot to the chest.


We failed our mission, losing the package and Frost came close to death that day. Me being the healer of the group I was just barley able to save him and now he's out of commission for who knows how long.


I went to Nova's room a few nights back knowing she had a thing with Frost. I found her crying in her room.


Doing my best to comfort her, I found she was not only crying about Frost, she had heard rumor from Loki the Dev's planned to “Nerf” her next. After a long talk of Loki being a trickster and comfort, I left Nova alone, planning to go straight to Lotus.

I couldn't help but find myself crying on the way to her room. At first I thought it was about what was happening to Frost and Nova, then I found I was crying about myself. When was the day I ended up getting nerfed and letting my team down? There were other healers like the new guy Oberon, but I did the job best. When was I going to get nerfed in battle and watch my team die around me knowing there’s nothing I can do? I peaked into Lotus's room seeing the door was cracked. There she sat talking to a group of strange creatures on a video talking some strange language. There was strange men without suits, some hairier than others and some that looked almost female, but still no suits. One also looked more jacked up than the others, probably due to working out. I looked down at the bottom of the video and in the corner it read something that scared yet excited me


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“We have no idea…”


That seemed to be the answer that all of them had to that single question; the one that ate away at them whenever they were ordered to take out another ship of degenerates. Tenno were mysterious; they had to be to preserve their culture.


Children were taught three things from a young age train fiercely, hone your silence, and respect your ancestry.


“Who are we?”


With the discovery of the Void, which held the technology of old, and the reemergence of the Conclave tradition, some began to question themselves. This concern only manifested itself as a passing curiosity, quickly forgotten in the heat of battle. For the more inquisitive, this was a question that was in pressing need of an answer.



 “My future can wait. I need my past.”


That was a drive behind her quest. Her goal that would cloud her as she fought through her last mission under the guidance of her Warlord. She was tired of fighting without knowing what she was; it all seemed empty now.




The Corpus computer systems had many entries on the Infestation. She’d had many run-ins with them, but refused to do so willingly. They also affected her strangely, giving her slight headaches just by being in their general vicinity. But, there was a little too much information to disregard it. She needed to find the Infested at the source.




“The Tenno are monsters, who leech from their own kind to bring about change.” That quote, from a portion of the data she'd read, stuck out to her.


So, she triangulated the best location possible. A Derelict ship was extremely dangerous, even in a group. It was difficult to navigate, as the bulky infested ancients blocked her way. She picked up a mod that had dropped from the hide of a fallen enemy. It was an ability for the Ember Warframe that must've gotten overwhelmed by the Disruptor Jaye gunned down.


“The Tenno are monsters, who leech from their own kind to bring about change.”



Those words came surging back to her. Turning her head, she eyed a group of Infested coming toward her. “Are you all…” they were her flesh. Her people… transformed into these monstrosities. It wasn’t due to a viral outbreak. It was tradition.


“Please, stop! Evolution does not come this way!!” it was futile. They wouldn’t listen; they were single-minded. They wanted nothing more than ascend back to the forms they had been born with. “Please, stop thi-”







Her screams were silenced by a disruption of her systems. One by one, she was swarmed.


Jaye was no more. From her sacrifice, another Tenno, naked and unconscious, was born from a melted pool of Infested mesh. The assimilation was complete.


The blood of our forefathers are harnessed through evolution. You must overcome your trials. Born to you is the gift of life, given to you is the plague. You must fight for your dominance, and earn your right to live among us Warrior Gods.


Author: Kashiki
Frames Used: Nova


Remember, Tenno. The Orokin are not your saviors. They made you. They did not protect you. Strength.

Edited by Kashiki

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"Who am I, you say, Tenno?"



"I remember the day... the day they failed me... they failed us... you failed me...

The day everyone failed me.

You might not remember, Tenno...

That day where the Warframes betrayed their cause...

Fooled by the unclean shapes of the tricky bribing...

You betrayed our cause, you killed us. You killed me.

The only option they had was to put you in eternal rest...

Until the Lotus woke you up... you remember that, don't you?


Without the Warframes... the Orokin went desesperate on search of a tide-turning weapon...

... ... The Technocyte... ...


It was the biggest mistake they have ever done... and the last one...

You and your guilty hands didn't go in that cryopod before silencing me, my family...

My life...

I now am back, to punish you for each and every of your sins...

Eye for eye...

Teeth for Teeth...


I am waiting for the moment, Tenno.

For the moment to do the same you did to me and my beloved.

Lurking in the shadows with my bow hunting the deer...

It will not take long until your pounding drum gets silenced..."




(The screenshot isn't mine, and I also do not know how to show screenshots directly in the forums, excuse me. ^^)

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This is Goliath-7 Mining Station. Grineer Forces have breached the orbital defence line and have begun a sector sweep of the civilian quarters. T-they are butchering everyone, we believe Commander Gar Mek is leading the assault. We have begun full scale evac.  Someone please hel…




Thank you My Lady, perhaps by aiding the Corpus in their time of need we will final find out the true identity of this ‘Commander Gar Mek.’ I fear this may have something to do with the Kinomi Battle-cruiser that destroyed the Corpus Fleet in the Void.



Although my Mistress tells me such a weapon cannot exist, the fear in her voice told me such weapon does in fact exist. A ship, with the power to consume a planet and all its resources, not to mention the on board factories to produce untold number of forces, having control of such a ship would mean total domination– Such weapon MUST exist.


As expected. The Corpus didn’t know what to think. A Tenno helping out of the kindness of his heart? Well the truth is ever since I saw the butchering of civilians on other worlds, crimes committed by the Grineer I took oath that I would not allow such things to ever happen again. Besides, should the Kinomi exist, I will find it, I will destroy it. It didn’t take long before the Grineer forces guarding the evac ships were taken care off. One of the wokers even took hold of my hand and looked at me with her young, thankful eyes.


However there was a deadly silence in the air. Throughout the mission I had not once encountered this Commander Mek. That’s when I left a shiver down my spine, a giant rift opened up in the middle of the station, completely ripping it in two. I ran to the nearest cargo door which with a bit of ‘persuasion’ opened. What I saw could not be described. The Kinomi, I was actually inside The Kinomi…


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The Forgotten One.


I can feel my body adjusting to the weight of this frame.  How I knew it was a frame was beyond my thoughts. I had no idea where I was. Something didn't feel right. I stumbled out of a pod, lined with gold and glass. The hallway was dark, broken, cold, and empty. No sounds except the humming of lights. I am armed from toe to shoulder; I know nothing of weapons. I grab one instinctively. I crouched and waited.


I walked around cautiously. I checked every corridor and lifted every crate. This place reminds me of people I knew. I walked by a glass wall catching my reflection. Gold, heavy with armor, frost building on my shoulders. I knew this frame and I knew it's powers, yet it's still unclear why I knew. My search produces nothing but white walls. As I gazed at the walls a screech cracked. The door shook, struggling to open. I loaded my weapon in a fluid motion and aimed. The door lost strength, a hideous creature ran out. Time slowed as I scanned the beast. Are these the people who I knew? Failing to answer my own question I ran off. 


There were no exits! Nothing but monsters and hallways. There seemed no hope. Fighting these monsters were easy. Strangely I enjoyed the combat. I soon forgot why I was running. I turned around to face the creatures. As I fought I began remembering. I was experiment: the twisting pain, the needles they stuck, the weapons they crafted. I remember the name they called; a name of doubt--the name of a traitor. I remembered to find an exit; an exit to this madness.


The monsters seized their approach.  I had time to relax. I thought about leaving this place. I thought about home.

"T-enn-o! Are..you there Tenno!?" I pulled my hand to my ear angrily--I hated that name but I could not refuse. Someone knew I was here. Who? And why? I replied, "Yes?" They voice answered, "Good Tenno--I'm glad your alive.There is an exit pod nearby. Quickly get there before more show up." Shocked I quickly screamed, "Who are you? How do you know me?" An empty noise. I had no idea who it was; however I had no choice but to trust it. It knew my name.  Could it be a person I know?


I found the exit but hesitated to move. I don't know all the answers. This voice probably knows. Can I trust it? "Tenno. You made it. Lock your arms and legs into the pod. Quick, they are coming!" The voice scrambled away. This place is not for me. This armor isn't worn by my choice. This frame binds my skin; it binds my mind. I had no opinion in my suffering; no option of backing out.  I locked my arms and legs in. The locks release, the sounds of screams approached. The monsters just missed me--or did I miss them?


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My apologies should cropping images count as "enhancing" them, I just felt not everything in the background of these images was necessary.



Taking Flight.


    Our story begins with Zephyr, a Tenno who has only just recently awakened.
Zephyr was alwas seen as a master of flight, a frame who could take out her enemies
as easily in the air, as on the ground. This Zephyr was special however, in one regard.


She could not fly.
    That's correct, this Zephyr could not for the life of her get off the ground for
more than a moment or two, and often when she did get herself off of the ground, she
would lose her balance in the air and come tumbling back down. She often pondered
why it was that she, of all the Tenno that used this frame, could not master the warframe
that was deemed fit for her.


    Zephyr decided that the answers she looked for required a journey of
self-discovery, so that she may discover her hidden powers and become the master
of the air that she was destined to be... even if she had to make some questionable choices
to get her along her way.
    This journey would ultimately take her where the only birds she knew of
resided, the planet Earth. It was here on Earth that Zephyr would have to
study these creatures in flight and apply what she learned to herself, and awaken as
the aerial master she knew she had the potential to be. She would later gain the
confidence needed to take that leap of faith, to push her over the edge and take
a tremendous leap skyward; and it worked beautifully.






    In the end, Zephyr discovered that she had no mistake in form, she knew what
needed to be done and every detail of the processes involved to allow her to take flight,
what hindered her in the end was doubt. This doubt crippled her and her ability to take to
the skies, and in the end, she learned that no matter what you may think of yourself, you
must never let it get the better of you, lest you should be doomed to failure, as Zephyr once
thought she was.
345 Words, 1788 characters.
P.S. This was fun, we should have more contests like this. c:


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