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Slow Motion effect?


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While reading the feedback of hoping to have the ability of running on walls later on in OBT, I just thought of an idea. How about a slow motion effect? Much like the Zed (slow motion) effect on killing, where time slows down after a particular kill/move has occured.

That would be a wicked-a** awesome feature in the game, giving the game more appeal and dramatic effect. What would activate it, idk, maybe a decapitation of some swords, or a kill while jumping or sliding (giving an attempt at another kill), OOOOR, we could have it as a replacement skill (for Ash at best) to slow down time for the enemies, note that the rest of the tennos in the squad still have regular speed, giving the entire squad the advantage against a boss or a large blockade of Grineer or Corpus, maybe infested if they become too much of a problem.

Most of my ideas come from gameplay experience in a ton of games, so I don't mean to seem like it's stealing ideas.

Edit :

I almost forgot, if this is accepted, all we would have to do is name the effect, how about...The Tenno Time Disruptor, "TTD".

You can discuss what to name it here if you guys accept the idea.

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Slo mo generally doesn't work in multiplayer games, generally because it messes with everyone. However it would be cool if there was a warframe that created a "bubble" where everything inside it slows down. I don't see how that would mess with others too much.

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