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Update 7.3 Hot-Fixes


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Quick batch of fixes from over the weekend:

- fixed global chat window disappearing shortly after game launches

- fixed chat contents disappearing when switching tabs

- fixed Trinity's Link ability targeting her own sentinel

- fixed certain item rewards not being added to player's inventory after completing Endless Defense missions

- added visual FX to nearby mods to help improve visibility

- temporarily disabled Nervo enemy type pending tuning/re-balance pass

- additional fixes for enemies becoming stuck/unreachable during Endless Defense missions

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Thanks, now the chat's back ^_^


Update failed!

The content servers are temporarily unavailable.


The update will be restarted shortly...

its been doing this for like 5 minutes now. Wat do?

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I wonder when the "serious" bugs will be fixed... like mods not working properly (crit chance, Power strength -range and duration), Skills not working (Saryn's Contagion only doing 1 damage, Wyrm crowd control), the bugged Fusion system (Fusion energy going down when adding mods), droprates of items (Alert loot, Dark Sword & Banshee BP's), Helmets not working.

But ya, nice patch.

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