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Steel Charge Update


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5:28 EST: We are currently in the process of sending the Legendary Cores. The process may take awhile to complete. Thank you for being patient. 

6:35 EST: All the Legendary Cores are done sending (Please log out and back in if yours have not appeared. They may take a moment). 
6:57 EST: Script has been deployed. We're seeing partial success, hang tight as we investigate.
​7:51 EST: Running another script that will hopefully fix players not receiving their Legendary Cores.
9:23 EST: Multiple scripts deployed, analyzing reports of success, if you were eligible please log in and out of the game to see if you have received the Legendary Cores. 
After a lot of observation and  discussion, we realized we have to change the Steel Charge Aura back to a maximum of 5 ranks. The additional mod capacity set a new precedent and was just too much.  At 10 ranks, Steel Charge allowed for some fun new builds, but it also meant that the additional slots would always have to be considered when balancing other mods and Auras.   
The damage bonus from Steel Charge is not a problem and is very much intended, so the damage bonus at 5 ranks will be changed so that it is similar to the bonus at 10 ranks. 
 As compensation to all of you who worked hard to rank up a Steel Charge, anyone who has a Steel Charge above rank 5 will receive two Legendary Cores, the first of their kind. These Legendary Cores instantly max any mod with 0 credit cost.  
- Maximum rank reduced to 5 (down from 10) 
- Melee damage bonus remains similar. 
- Players who have a rank 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 Steel Charge will receive 2 Legendary Cores 


Will I get 2 Legendary Cores per Steel Charge rank 6 and above? 
Yes, you will get 2 Cores per Steel Charge. 
Is this change included in the next PS4 update?
Yes, this change is included.
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9:23 EST addition
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oh well its getting nerfed in the end. 


Whyyyyy sgt. nef nerf anyohttps://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/181474-whenever-there-is-a-nerf/


Anyways got mine to rank 8, yay ....( so much for keeping these cores for hornet strike..........b-b-b-but these legendary cores.... :3 ).

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I think this is probably a good call on the change, but these legendary cores sound crazy OP. I expect to see a lot more maxed out corrupted mods in the trade section after this.. that should skew the economy a bit


Not to mention how much those Cores will cost lmao.... The new 'Primed Chamber' item. :O

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Wait wait wait, is it per Steel Charge? 


So if I have more than one rank 6 Steel Charge, do I get more than 2 legendary cores? 

i believe only these 2 legendary cores, cuz your exploiting for moar lucky legendary cores. ( goes and uses all the mods to reach rank 6 steel charge aura ).

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