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I don't like this whole "Trading Prime stuff" bit.


It adds inherent value to prime parts an you just know the community is going to gouge the ever-living sh*t out of everyone for new prime parts.


I will staunchly refuse to buy Prime Parts from any other user, and I will refuse to sell Prime Parts to any other user. In my opinion, these are things that should be earned, not bought.


while I agree with you to a certain degree, I do like the idea a bit.

Take this example: Myself and group were farming the latron prime for a friend of mine and we ran hours and hours of T3 survivals missions to try and get the part he needed (the receiver). All we ended up getting were duplicates of the same reward multiple times.  1 Mission we walked away with 3 LP BP's,  The next mission we got 3 LP Barrels and duplicates of the Mag Prime stuff.

While I would not buy or sell Prime BP's, I would gladly give my friend the part he needed if I had spares. Especially if we do void runs without any success.

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This is a big mistake. Everyone will now trade and get everything faster than DE can make anything new and be done with the game and out.

Instead of rewarding skill and experience (=good gear that got earned) this will only reward traders and impatient/lazy people.

Bad for the game in the long run.

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I'm glad I didn't need the credits recently and stopped selling my prime parts (though I doubt anyone will want these 11 paris prime strings regardless..). kinda had a feeling this would be coming eventually!


but one question, will they be added to the tradeable items in the dojo, or will it only be prime for prime? because I will trade up all the items you want, but I finally got my final prime item (as of U12, at least) once my second orthos prime blade dropped


however, if I can actually get plat or mods out of them, that would be excellent. plus, it'll give players like me who've completed their prime collections (or who only have one or two left to farm, but they're out of that particular key) to run void missions besides the easy credits and survival/defense just for fun. 


also had a feeling those key fixes would be inevitable as well, but I just wanted to get the orthos prime over with, so I ran through all my T2 cap keys (and all of the T2 caps that a friend had. thanks Grymhowl, it was worth it!). oh well. now I have a ton of T3 cap keys, and they're not the hot commodity they used to be

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Just checked.

Seems I sold my 5 Frost Prime systems, 5 F Prime Chassis, 5 F Prime helmets, 3 sets of all Ember Prime parts, Lots of Prime Latron parts and the list goes on and on.


So... GG. I guess. I'll go cry in the corner now.


Edit: Don't get me wrong though.

Giving the Trade market things that are actually used up keeping the supply down is only a good thing.

Mods never go away deflating their price so yeah it's good for the market in the end.

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