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Update 12.2.0: Castanas!


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Tenno Reinforcements:  Castanas!


Find them in the Market or Clan Research Today!

- Added setting for “Global Notifcations in Chat” to enable/disable Mauve Text and other notifications.

- Added way to verify Steam economy items in game: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/182122-verifying-in-game-steam-items/



Changes to Void:

- Keys as end-of-mission rewards have been removed from T2 and T3 missions. T1 missions still can reward keys.

**PSA: Have seen 3 confirmed reports of T3 Exterminate keys giving keys as rewards, noted and will be fixed next Hotfix.

- Additional Distribution of some Prime Items, up-to-date table here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/172911-prime-gear-drop-locations

- All Prime Parts found in Void are now trade-able.

See Sheldon’s entry here about the changes: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/182179-void-master-void-faster/



- Steel Charge Aura changed from 10 rank Aura mod to 5 rank Auramod, see further information here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/182094-steel-charge-update/


- Changed Eviscerator Damage and Proc Rate.

- Changed Jat Kittag Charge attack FX for new charge animation.

- Cannot start a fusion with a card that's already at its max fusion level.

- Chat history won't be initially visible when going into a game until a new message is received – no point in spamming what you have already read until a new message comes in.

- Omitted Venus/Earth being eligible for Grineer or Corpus invasions to not throw off new player path.

- Refined and tweaked new “Auto Fusion” features:

- Added some safety checks so that auto fuse never grabs installed mods or fused mods that aren't Fusion Cores.

- Now if you're fusing a ‘cooked’ mod, Auto Fuse WILL grab any raw duplicates of said mod.



- Fixed issue where players would complete missions and not receive any rewards.

- Fixed issues where power duration timers were reflecting casts made by other players.

- Fixed image of Excalibur appearing for Frost Helmet skin.

- Fixed typos in training section of Codex.  

- Fixed issues with overlapping Russian text.

- Fixed issues where HUD marker for Survival Pickup was using wrong image.

- Fixed issue where new accounts may be unable to login.

- Fixed issue where settings tab would intersect in some languages.

-  Fixed issues where the new Survival objective marker wasn’t properly pathing meaning that some users wouldn’t be able to find the right door in the zone to lead them further.

- Fixed issue where enemies would stand up in the middle of a blackhole or blackhole like situation (Vortex, etc.).  

- Fixed an issue where the "dual wielded firing" animations would get out of sync with what the weapon attachments were doing (so you'd see a muzzle flash on left gun and recoil on right gun).

- Fixed the display of ammunition/total for all weapons. Bows will display a single value, as will the scanner, the former has no magazines and the latter has no ammunition. All other weapons will still show current ammo in weapon/ total ammo in inventory.

- Fixed issues where mod fusion could become de-synced or exploited, implemented preventative measures.

- Fixed possible errors when accounts are being updated with content.

- Fixed issues where some instances of switch teleporting involved attempted melee attempts on the player after the teleport has taken place.

- Fixed issue where fusing into an equipped mod would let you exceed mod capacity on a given weapon/Warframe.

- Fixed about two dozen Warframe abilities not working in Conclaves/Dojo PVP.  

- Fixed issues where weapon skins in player’s inventories will show as negative counts in the foundry.

- Fixed inconsistencies in the naming conventions for the way Gear and Rank are displayed in the game (UNRANKED vs 0).

- Fixed issue with Zephyr’s Turbulence letting most shots through even when maxed and rarely redirecting.

- Fixed steam not damaging players in the Forest Defense map as it should – things just got a bit deadlier on that map!

- Fixed issue where players would complete missions and not receive any rewards.

- Fixed issue where Grineer Commander’s would not move in proper sequence after Switch Teleporting player.

- Various Crash fixes.

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Thanks for all of that but where are the performance related fixes that we've been waiting on!?



How to enjoy all of these fixes and content when there is so much stutering and glitches in the game?


P.S. On the whole tradable prime bp issue i'm just going to keep my mouth shut because otherwise i feel my words would get me a warning point or permanent ban! So all those people that lost hours on end farming that prime weapon or frame in the past now get the middle finger! 


*again not happy after a hotfix* this is becoming an habit

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"- All Prime Parts found in Void are now trade-able."



Seriously DE?


You say that after i sold over 50+ prime parts for credit?


whats next? Making everything in the game tradable with platinum as a tax? I think this is getting out of hand.

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