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[Fanfiction] Yggdrasil

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(This story was created simply due to the fact 500 words for the contest currently going on (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/179551-new-contest-a-quest-unknown/ ) got my creative juices flowing (giggity). I simply could -not- make just a 500 word story that was all on its own, thus I brought forth everything "RP" wise that has been broiling in my mind about Warframe, and made it into written art. The events within this story are canon in my mind, and I hope you enjoy.)


(Due to how long this "short" story is, I'll be putting it in Spoilers for easier website navigating. Thanks for the suggestion bejuizb)



The Yggdrasil

by SoulEchelon



Yggdrasil. In Norse mythology, this powerful name was associated with an equally powerful tree. A tree that connected all nine worlds within the Norse cosmology, housed many mythic and powerful beings, and is even told to have been Odin's gallows. Its branches stretched to the heavens while its roots reached into the bowels of hell. Indeed, such a name holds great strength and mysticism. Perhaps that was why our latest recruit was so angry when she learned of my ship's name. “Such blasphemy,” she had stated.


“Do you want me to change it?” I had asked.


I could see the frown even from within that avian-shaped helmet. “...No. But you and your crew better live up to such a name, Soul Echelon.”


As I turned to walk toward the bridge of my ship, I shook my head. “That's a code name. We only use them while on assignment or on radio. Around here, we use our real ones. Mine's Eva. And I know yours certainly isn't 'Valkyrie'.”


That frown of hers was still very evident in her voice. “You're sounding weaker and weaker by the moment. Giving real names only opens the door to emotion. Emotion is useless on the battlefield.”


My feet stopped in their tracks at such a statement. I turned rather slowly towards my fellow Tenno. “Tell me who's weaker – the person who refuses to become one with the group because they're afraid getting close would hamper their judgment, or the person who can use that camaraderie to empower themselves and strengthen said group as a whole?”


It seemed she wasn't exactly ready for that one. I can tell the cogs within her mind were turning...and not because of my abilities, either. Eventually, she let forth a sigh. “...Avillona.”


Smiling, I turned back toward the bridge. “Now, was that so har-”


The sound of another feminine voice interrupted me. “Eva!” it called as its owner appeared; lightly jogging her way towards Avillona and I. Always the energetic one - a real firecracker.


“What's the rush, Katt?”


Her excitement was palpable. “We just got a transmission from the Lotus!” She then paused; her head turning toward our newest friend. “Ooh, Valkyrie, right? It's nice to meet ya!”


Avillona stayed silent. Kattilina tilted her head while I chuckled. “She's shy. Her name's Avillona, and I'd like you to show her around. Can you do that for me?”


“Of course!” she said giddily before quickly passing by in order to grab hold of Avillona's wrist. “Come, come!”


As I watched Kattilina drag the poor Tenno off, I couldn't help but smirk. Literally polar opposites. They'll be best friends in no time.



Though I noticed there was another fellow Tenno within the bridge, I made a beeline toward the transmission room, which was right across from it. “So much estrogen,” he stated as I walked past. “I swear you're only picking up chicks.”


My beeline made an abrupt stop. I looked at him with a tilt of my head. “And you object, Ejovi?”


He let out a grizzled chuckle as he leaned back in his seat; his gaze leaving the monitor in front of him to meet mine. “No, no...More th'merrier, I say. Jus' wish some of em would look my way, for once!”


My voice carried with it a grin. “Maybe if you didn't stand in one place all the time and throw tesla grenades, you'd be a bit more intriguing to look at.”


As I continued on my way, I heard him chuckle yet again. “Don't be jealous of my ingenuity!”


Finally making it to my destination, I let out a deep sigh as I sat down in front of a monitor embedded within a circular table that surrounded a hologram emitter. Other than a few blinking lights and the monitor in question, the room was relatively dark. As I sifted through the messages on the screen, I knew I was being watched...but paid it no heed. It didn't take long to find Lotus' message- my head tilting with interest at its title. Crisis on Earth. With a simple touch, Lotus' gigantic, holographic dome appeared before me.


“Tenno, we must hurry,” she began. “Since the time of the Orokin, the engineered forests of Earth have repelled any attempt to cut them down. Now the Grineer, lead by Councilor Vay Hek, have developed something called the Cicero Toxin. With it they plan to poison Earth's forests so they can exploit the land beneath it. We will not let this happen.”


I frowned as I listened to the rest of the message. Once her glowing head dissipated, a grunt was heard beside me. “So... we're gardeners, now?” the once silent one stated. “We must run around and pick flowers for the almighty Lotus?”


I leaned back in my chair before turning my gaze upward at the stoic male. “Looks like it.”


“Count me out,” he said as he began to take his leave – his dark form melding back into the shadows of the room.


I shook my head. “I won't stop you from staying here, Leoraei, but Vay Hek is going to be a huge problem. I've only heard stories of his ability to mind control...His powers may even surpass my own. At the very least, there will be Grineer to kill. You enjoy that, don't you?”


There was silence for awhile. I knew he was still there – I could sense him. He just likes being dark and mysterious. After a few moments, he answered. “I do enjoy that. Fine... I'll come and scout around, but I refuse to pick flowers like some woman.”


“You always were the charmer,” I said. Of course, he said nothing.



The soft, plush grass and wild, yet serene atmosphere greeted my senses as I stepped off the ramp from our shuttle. It was hard not to take in such a beautiful scene... Lush trees erupted from the ground and sprouted high into the skies above; wrapped within an entanglement of vines and leaves. The sounds of wild life was almost deafening compared to the dull, mechanical hum of our ship. Clear, blue, tranquil skies wrapped around this wondrous scene of Nature. Though I have been here before, it still overwhelmed me every time I visited. My lungs filled with the warm, yet so very clean air; fed to me from the organic, yet far more advanced 'Frame I've been encased in for what seemed like lifetimes. Perhaps “more advanced” is the wrong phrase...because if Nature was able to survive for this long and under such brutal circumstances, then it will no doubt forever surpass technology.


I knew most of my crew had not been on this planet before, thus I gave them a few moments to get acclimated. As I noticed Kattilina wandering a little too far off – with Avillona in tow – I let myself smirk before calling forth. “Alright, this is no sight-seeing mission. Huddle up!”


Once everyone situated themselves in front of me, I nodded my head as my Tigris sat cradled in my arms. “Though we may simply be 'picking flowers'” - I shot a glance at Leoraei, who simply folded his arms - “...there is a lot of danger here. These plants and wildlife survived for this long because of a reason. Not to mention of course, the Grineer patrolling these pathways. Scanners show there is a large base to the West of here. Do not engage them unless needed. We do not want them knowing we're here just yet. Are we clear?”


After a few silent nods, I turned my gaze toward our resident medic. “Annelith? Are you able to sense any Grineer patrols nearby?”


She took a small step forward - her Latron resting against a shoulder. “Nay,” she stated softly before shaking her head. The Tenno's oddly Gaelic accent was certainly a stark contrast to pretty much everyone else's, but it just added to her charm. “There be too much life 'ere, lass. Th'flora an' fauna're like'n t'one big glob o'energy. Won'b'able t'spot a 'Neer, 'less I see 'em wi' m'own eyes.”


I frowned at that, but dismissed it. “Then we'll have to rely solely on our radar. Since only Ejovi and I can see enemies on ours, we will split into two groups.” I turned my gaze toward each of my crew in turn. “Annelith, you're with me. Narjim, you are the only other one with healing abilities. Go with Ejovi. Leoraei, go scout near the Grineer base. But please, don't attack unless I give the word.”


I could tell he was frowning under his scorpion-like helmet, but he eventually nodded.


I turned to the rest. “Katt, Avillona, you're with me.”


It didn't take a psychic to know Avillona would protest.. and she did. The antisocial Tenno gave a quick glance to the giddy pyromaniac beside her before turning back towards me. “...Maybe I should go with Ejovi.”


My grip tightened on my Tigris. “Disobeying orders on your first ever mission with us? Besides, I've only seen you fighting alone. Though very capable, it's time you learn how to work in a group...and I will be watching.”


Her shoulders slumped, but she remained silent. With a nod, I turned to the last two of my crew...and grinned. “With your speed enhancement, Dias, Ejovi should have no problem getting around. Go with him. Keeliah, you go as well. You've been on Earth before, so keep them out of trouble.”


Ejovi was busy with his arms crossed and his Penta gently bouncing against his side. Though, at my comment, he let out a gruff huff. “I get no respect! No respect at all!” He knew my words weren't meant to hurt, however, as the next thing that came from him was a jovial chuckle. “Come on you three. Let's get goin'.”


Dias snickered as his fingers danced with an arc of electricity. “Aye aye, captain,” he stated sarcastically.


Keeliah though, stayed quiet. It seemed something was on her mind, and I knew exactly what it was. “Keeliah,” I called before walking toward her.


She looked up, but said nothing.


“Are you sure you wish to be on this mission? I know a friend of yours went missing here...It's not too late to head back. Nilka can take your place.”


But she shook her head. “I will be fine, Eva.. thank you. It's... time I moved on, anyway. It has been...decades. In such an inhospitable place, I've no doubt he is gone. Please, let's just get going.”


With a grim nod, I silently agreed.



“Och, this place... scéimhiúil .. such beauty,” breathed Annelith.


We had found ourselves in a glen surrounded by large, thick trees and other various overgrowth. A small pond situated itself at the end of a rather thin stream. Kattilina was busy searching a nearby fallen tree trunk – as well as sneakily lighting small bugs on fire. Avillona had found her way into one of the larger trees – either to be a lookout for us, or to get away from us. I couldn't tell. “Indeed it is,” I called to Annelith. “Can't believe this all survived for so long.” After a few moments, I let out a sigh as I straightened up from scanning yet another cocoon-like plant. “Has anyone found anything?”


“I did! I did!' Kattilina called before bonking her head against the inside of the tree trunk she was half way within. “Ow...” she grumbled as she revealed to me a....nother cocoon-like plant.


Sighing again, I shook my head. “According to the files I looked up for this mission, these threshcones give the weakest amount of antitoxin extract. We'll have to find hundreds of them to even put a dent in those Injectors.”


Katt's shoulders drooped...but I gave one such shoulder a gentle nudge. “Cheer up. Maybe the other team is having a better time of it.”


I gazed upward for a moment as I pressed a button on my chest-mounted transceiver. “Old Man River, come in. How's it going over there? Find anything?”


“Not yet, Soul Echelon,” came Ejovi's voice from within my visor. “We thought we found a Dragonlily, but it ended up just bein' some flowering grass.”


Frowning, I nodded. “Fine... keep searching... Black Lion, what's your twenty?”


“Still near the Grineer base,” Leoraei stated in whisper. “Seems there's some sort of commotion... A lot of Regulators in here and a few outside, spewing their Grineer nonsense...I'll need to get a closer look.”


My frown came back to me. “Black Lion...Be careful. I only know that there's a base there. I've no clue how many Grineer are stationed within it.”


Silence greeted me after that, though before I could continue my own search, Ejovi's voice interrupted. “Soul, Thorny Oak just told us an interestin' story you may wish to hear.”


I raised a brow as my gaze caught sight of what looked like a yellow, banana-shaped flower seemingly glowing within a grove of trees. Could that be a Jadeleaf...? “What is it, Thorny Oak?”


Narjim's voice greeted me. “Well, it may not mean anything... But during a mission on Phobos, I overheard Grineer talking about Earth. There seems to be something out here constantly sabotaging their settlements and plans. Glimpses of this being state that it's a Tenno, but very feral. Instead of guns, it uses claws to tear apart its victims. The Grineer fear it, and perhaps we should as well. Could be a Tenno gone insane, or worse.”


Finally, Avillona's voice chimed in. “Sounds like an old wives' tale. I've never heard of a Tenno nor a warframe with such abilities.”


I pushed my way through a thick bush as I found myself getting closer to my prize. “Still, we should be vigilant. Who knows what's in these overgrown jungles.”


“Everyone, quiet,” Leoraei's hushed tones came forth. “Normally I'd agree with Valkyrie, but...listen.”


I paused in my pursuits as the loud, grating, off-toned voice of a boisterous Grineer seeped into my ears. “Worthless, worthless Grineer! You are scared...fearful of one traiterous Tenno! Its spine is stronger than all of yours together! I am forced to come to this backwater camp because you are unable to find and kill this deceiver! You do not deserve words of praise, but of ridicule and punishment! Now, go! Find this Tenno and bring it to me!”


As the rush of noisy Grineer filled my ears, I turned my gaze back towards that Jadeleaf only to find it was...gone! “Son of a...where did it go!?” I muttered to myself – my transceiver not pressed so no one could hear me.


But Kattilina answered Leoraei for me. “That..sounds bad.”


I cleared my throat before pressing the button. “Yes it does. Which way are they heading, Black Lion?”


“....Dammit, they're heading North. Old Man River, either find somewhere to hide or get ready to fight. There are a lot of them..including heavies.”


“Roger,” said Ejovi.


“Change of plans, team Soul Echelon,” I stated. “We're heading to Old Man River's position. Everyone, unless absolutely necessary, do not break radio silence.”




The brilliant blue sky slowly but surely gave way to a far darker one – the once lively, yet serene jungle becoming even more alive with sound as the nocturnal creatures came forth...and yet everything felt gloomy. Dark, mysterious, anxious. As we rushed as silently as possible toward Ejovi's group, I could sense eyes following me – and had no idea if they could be hostile or not. Earth was most definitely a beautiful place...but at that moment I could feel my very warframe's exoskeleton crawl. I needed to be strong, though. I was their leader. I could not, and would not show hesitation. They relied on me for strength just as much as I relied on them for it. Avillona was actually partially right about emotion on the battlefield. You must stay strong, stay stalwart, and never back down. Fear, nervousness, cowardice...There was no room for such emotions.


My eyes widened as Ejovi's voice came roaring through my transceiver. “The enemy's found us! Black Lion wasn't joking, there's an army of em!” The sound of Grineer roaring in their garbled language and gunfire erupted within our ears.


Keeping as calm as possible, I checked my radar...only to find it was static. “Dammit, there are Regulators around here! Old Man, keep transmitting. Valkyrie, follow us in the trees! We'll need a bird's eye view!”


“Yes, ma'am!” she gruffed out while thrusting herself upward into the sky; landing on a tree branch with ease before continuing upward.


“Black Lion, what's your twenty!?”


“I'm heading to their position now and picking off any heavy Grineer that wander out of the pack... but I won't be able to kill them all without getting spotted.”


“They're gonna be okay, right?” Kattilina called out as I marked a thick tree root with my heads-up display so everyone could see it and jump over it.


“Aye, don'cha worry, cailín!” Annelith answered her. “Jus' keep y'eyes on where y'goin'!”


But the radio told us differently. It seemed every other step I took, the situation was getting worse and worse.


“Thorny, get in the middle and get ready t'heal! Nightshade, there's a hole you can shoot out over there! Flash, put up one of your shields over here before they punch a hole through that wall! I'll throw a Bastille and stop those bloody Butchers and Scorpions!”


Rain began to fall. “Concentrate your fire to the South! Flash, there's water everywhere. Overload their asses!”


Lightning erupted in the dark, chaotic skies. “Hellions! Flash put up another shie-”


Explosions...followed by white noise.


“No..No!” I heard Kattilina cry out.


“I said they'll be fine, lass!” Annelith exclaimed, though her once confident tone was certainly gone. “I think I can sense 'em...Nary a stone's throw'way!


Avillona concurred this through radio. “I see them! Ejo-...Old Man River's team is completely surrounded! And...what...?”


My eyes went wide. “What is it, Valkyrie!?”


“There's..another Tenno! She's fighting the Grineer with her bare hands! But she's being swarmed as well..”


I could feel my heart jump into my throat. “Wh-what!?”


“Hurry! They're just over that hill!!”


The sight that welcomed us was certainly one to behold. A large, somewhat water-logged valley stretched before us; encased in sheer rock walls and domineeringly gigantic trees. But the scenery wasn't what my eyes were focused on. Grineer.. were everywhere, all swarming around a destroyed and dilapidated building that had been reclaimed by Nature. In it, was the other half of my crew. It didn't take a detective to know what happened – the notable scorch marks and shattered bits of debris smoldering on the ground around the building stated clearly that they were bombarded by missiles. There would be no telling whether or not they were alive, unless...


“Eva,” came Annelith's voice from behind me. “They're alive. Barely, but they are. We need t'save them, now!”


Though I immediately concurred with the medic mentally, my gaze caught sight of the lone Tenno. Our eye in the sky was not joking – it was a female, and she was literally ripping Grineer apart just outside the structure my injured friends were within.


There was no time to hesitate. “Soul Echelon to Base,” I called on my transceiver. “We'll need evac at my current location. There is no way we're staying here after this.”


“Roger,” came Nilka's voice. “Just hold out as long as you can! I'm sending UTVs to a nearby location as soon as possible.”


“Valkyrie. Take up a good spot and snipe down those damned Hellions.”


“I'm on it.”


I turned to Kattilina. “It's time to do what you do best, girl.”


“They'll pay...”


As the first shot from Avillona's rifle slammed into the jet pack of the first Hellion, we charged into battle to save our friends. Kattilina did not hesitate to let the world burn for its transgressions – the Grineer that turned to meet us were instead met by pillars of undying flames. I also caught sight of tornadoes ripping through any Grineer that strayed too far from them. Any that weren't hit found themselves gazing at each other with both confusion and hatred as I told their minds how wonderful it would be to rip each other limb from limb. My Tigris, Annelith's Latron, and Kattilina's Ignis paved a bloody, gory, charred path towards our fallen friends. I didn't hesitate.. didn't even look at them as we made it to their bombed shelter. That was Annelith's duty- not mine. Instead, I closed my eyes as my body seemed to feel oddly light. An absorption shield swirled around me while my mind found its state of Zen. I can sense the Grineer that weren't effected by my Chaotic suggestions aim and fire their bullets and missiles at me instead of my friends, though it wouldn't have mattered. I could feel Annelith's soothing Blessing wash over me and no doubt the rest of the crew. “Up y'come, Ol'man,” I heard her say behind me. “Katt, I wanna 'ear their innards boilin' fer this...”


“Guh...don't heal me first, ya damn fool,” Ejovi muttered.


“Och, shut it 'afore I leave ye 'ere! ….There ye go. 'Elp up Dias an' I'll take care o'Keeliah an' Narjim.”


As more and more kinetic energy was absorbed within my shield, I could feel my own energy reserves depleting. But there was a problem: the lone Tenno. My eyes opened and watched the flurry of claws rake through Grineer left and right. She seemed unstoppable.. her whole body glowing...the literal roars coming from the depths of her form to blow away lighter Grineer and enfeeble the heavier ones. Eventually, they learned to back away from the crazed Tenno, though even that didn't help as what looked like a some sort of energy harpoon shot from her palm to impale a poor Eviscerator's face before being yanked right off his body. It seemed nothing could stop her...until the energy surrounding her seemed to finally dissipate. Just like us all, she had a limit to her power..and it ran out. The Grineer saw this, and let forth blood curdling warcries as she quickly picked up a fallen Grineer's gun before using her energy harpoon to propel her toward a nearby rock. Half of the Grineers continued their attack on her while the other half seemed hell bent on feeding my shield their bullets.


“Valkyrie, before I can release this energy...save that Tenno! She'll be caught in the blast if you don't get her out of there!”


“I'm on it!” she replied.


I looked back toward my crew as I felt my energy failing. Katt had worn herself out and was currently leaning against a curved and broken wall. Annelith had just finished reviving Keeliah, who was currently leaning against the medic. Ejovi was a tough one, and had Dias' arm draped over his shoulders to keep the lightning rod standing. Narjim had thrown caution to the winds and was currently taking potshots at any Grineer that strayed close.


“Base, what's the ETA on those UTVs!?” I called.


“They just arrived,” Nilka answered. “Due just north. Take the tunnel underneath that waterfall. It'll open up into a large cave with an opening to the sky. The UTVs will be landing on a man-made platform within!”


“You heard her, guys,” I told them. “Everyone, head to extraction! I'll keep you covered!”


“But-” I heard Narjim start.


“But nothing! Go! I'll be fine!”


Thanks to Dias' speed enhancement, their escape was near immediate. Once they were gone, I let my gaze center on that lone Tenno. Certainly courageous..but definitely reckless. She had no energy left in her, and with each shot she took, tenfold was directed right back at her. If Avillona could just hurry...


And, as if a true Valkyrie, the flying Tenno did exactly that – her form propelling itself through the air toward the injured Tenno. She landed right beside the female, who let out quite the feral cry of surprise as she was grabbed and carried off in Avillona's arms. The Grineer tried to pursue with more bullets and missiles, but Avillona's Turbulence protected them both. As they flew off from view, I smiled. That dutiful Tenno will be a great part of this team.


Finally, with one powerful thrust of my limbs, I watched as my shield exploded – blasting everything in a large radius around me. Even if my crew were still there, they would not have been harmed. Their warframes were encoded to withstand each others' abilities. That lone Tenno on the other hand would have been destroyed...


My eruption, coupled with Kattilina's geysers of fire, Avillona's powerful tornadoes, and the lone Tenno's insanely visceral onslaught, had did away with most of the Grineer in the valley. I could barely stand – holding my Absorption shield for so long had taken its toll. Even my Tigris felt extremely heavy in my grasp. Slowly, I turned and staggered my way toward the North, where that waterfall cave was. I could feel my feet crunching and sploshing against blood-stained waters and Grineer corpses. My mind couldn't help but realize that, very easily, these corpses could have been my crew. My friends. I should have did more homework...should have scouted around some more... should have tried to keep an eye on Vay Hek's movements, or hacked into Earth's communication relays, or asked Lotus for more help, or assigned the teams better, or brought Nilka here instead of Keeliah, or Cid instead of Dias even though Cid is still recuperating from his own excursion. I should have done many things that I did not do. And even now, I chastise myself for second-guessing my own decisions. It seemed nothing I do or didn't do was good enough for me right at that moment.


Some leader I am.


The waterfall's soothing chill blanketed my form as I passed its threshold. One hand placed itself on the cave's wall while the other pulled my increasingly heavy Tigris along the ground; making a rather loud scraping sound.


“Soul Echelon,” Ejovi called in. “We made it to extraction, but we're not taking any of the UTVs without you.”


I frowned. “..Disobeying orders...?”


“Bloody righ' w'are!” came Annelith. “Ye get yer bony @$$ down 'ere!”


They always did know how to make me smile. But that smile turned into immediate alarm as I heard the telltale whistle of a missile coming for me from behind. I turned just in time to take an explosion straight to the chest. My personal shields couldn't withstand such a direct hit, and as I found myself flying hard into a wall, I could feel my consciousness giving out. My vision blurred while my heads-up display began to stutter and warp. Footsteps could be heard on the cold, wet ground coming from the entrance. I of course had little doubt what it was... a Grineer. A big, heavy one too. He had his Ogris pointed at me as he slowly advanced. He was smart to be cautious..but there was nothing I could do. I couldn't even contact my crew...my friends.....my family. I was down for the count.


I let out my final sigh. At least my mistakes didn't kill anyone but myself. I closed my eyes and waited patiently for the afterlife to wrap me in its mysterious arms...but what greeted me instead, was the smell of blood and a soft pattering of liquid upon my helmet. My eyes opened to find a curious sight. The heavy Grineer was just kind of standing there... and something was sticking out of his neck. With a strained; gargling noise, he fell to his knees before making quite the impact with the ground. There, standing behind him, was Leoraei.


Once I saw him, I sighed.. “...G-great...rescued by...you. I'll..never live this down.”


For the first time ever, I heard him chuckle. “You're welcome, boss.”





“So, what can you tell me about this Tenno?” I asked Annelith as I sat up in my clinic bed. Though we had regenerative pods, healing pads, and two Tenno who can heal most injuries, our resident medic absolutely demanded those of us who were given severe injuries to rest at least one night within her clinical beds...and she is not one to be refused.


“She be an interestin' one, aye,” she stated as she placed a hand on the Tenno in question – who was also currently resting in a bed beside mine. Her helmet was off, as was my own. It became immediately obvious she didn't groom herself very much – her hair was a tangled, green mess that draped over her shoulders and down her back. It was a wonder how it all fit in that feline-like helm. Her eyes were just as striking – a clear, bright emerald color; pupils slit like a dragon's. Vine-like etches of green energy pulsed within her tan flesh. Quite the beauty – wild and most certainly untamed. “From what I can gather, th'poor lass 'ave been all alone fer many, many'ears. Th'wilds o'Earth, coupled by what I'd guess'd be some sort o'mental damage, 'as made 'er jus' as wild. She's feral. Nilka scanned 'er warframe an' it seems she's a Valkyr, but 'er powers are 'eavily corrupted. She's one o'a'kind, aye..”


“That..churring noise...Is she doing that, or her warframe?” I watched Annelith give the Tenno a scritching under her chin.


“That's 'er. Och, she be a wee lil' dote. Such a cute cailín! We'll be keepin' 'er, an' that's final, Eva!”


I laughed. “Yes, ma'am...” My gaze stayed on the odd Tenno. “What's your name, my friend?”


She turned toward me with a tilt of her head. “Chrr...naaaame~?” her voice was soft and quiet...seemingly very innocent and inquisitive.


I nodded. “Yes... My name is Eva.”


She blinked a few times, but gave the brightest grin I had ever seen. “Yggdrasil!!” she stated happily. “Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil, Yeeeeeggdrasil~”


It was my turn to blink. I let my eyes fall on Annelith for the answer, and she gave it. “Well.. Katt welcomed our new friend 'ere to our ship, th'Yggdrasil. Seems th'lass took t'tha'name like'n a fish t'th'ocean. So...I guess it's 'er name now, too.”


I grinned and sighed; resting my head on my pillow as Annelith continued to scritch the rather giddy, carefree Tenno. “Yggdrasil, eh? Kinda fits her.”


My eyes closed as I happily realized that our family had grown. But immediately afterward, I sobered up as I came upon another revelation. According to what Leoraei had let us hear through his transceiver, this “lone Tenno” was the one that had been sabotaging the Grineer in this region – no doubt to try and stop them from injecting the Cicero Toxin into the jungle. All this time, she has been fighting..literally tooth and nail to protect her world. There is no doubt in my mind we will need to go back down there...We must save Earth – not for the Lotus' sake, but for Yggdrasil's, as well as the rest of the wild life that lives there. We may have practically failed this time, but we will not fail again...Not if I have anything to do with it.


I could hear rather wild munching coming from Yggdrasil. I turned and raised an eyebrow. “Is..that a banana?”


“Aye!” Annelith said. “Seems th'lass really likes fruit!”


My eyes went wide. Banana...that Jadeleaf was banana-shaped...


Welp. mystery solved.




Brownie points to anyone who can name each character's Warframe. Most of them shouldn't be hard at all - I gave enough context clues. But I wonder if anyone can guess who "Cid" and "Nilka"'s warframes are.




After cleaning out my photobucket and reorganizing everything, I just recently realized the pictures that went with my "A Quest Unknown" story aren't showing up. This is due to me moving them to another folder. In order to fix this, I'm simply going to repost my "A Quest Unknown" story here, since obviously it coincides with the story above.


The Nature Spirit



Yggdrasil lived in harmony with the world around her. She did not know of her heritage or even the meaning of her name. Yggdrasil was simply...Yggdrasil. The Grineer though, knew her to be a ferocious spirit of Nature hell bent on disrupting their plans. If any Grineer so much as stepped blatantly on a bug, the enraged creature would litter the jungle ground with their entrails. It wasn't a joyful sight.




The wild Tenno awoke from slumber one faithful day to the sound of a ship landing. It didn't take long for her to catch sight of those that dared invade her home. They weren't hurting anything...yet. But they needed to be followed, and as soon as they hurt...they will get hurt. Yes, yes they will. Little did she know they were on the same mission she was – to preserve her home.




The feral Valkyr followed them with both interest and wariness. They spoke inside their helmets, so Yggdrasil could not hear! But she could see... and as she watched as one of the invaders picked up a threshcone, she readied to attack! But...there was a pause. The air felt...bad. Harsh. Yggdrasil could hear the blaring sounds of Grineer with their horrible voices. They were coming...and these invaders will be killed. But why should it matter to Yggdrasil? No...no, Yggdrasil should not think this way. They have not harmed her home, but the Grineer have! The Grineer hate her home! As she watched the evil hoomans surround the invaders; shooting them with bullets and missiles, Yggdrasil felt the rage within her boiling over. With a leap from a nearby tree branch, she came down upon the Grineer with fury and wild abandon! This gave enough time for the injured invaders to save themselves! One made some sort of weird shield. Yggdrasil thought it was cool.




The crazed Tenno cut a swath through the Grineer. Blood spewed from their grievous wounds while the lucky ones simply fell dead the instant they saw those energy-infused claws. But she could feel her power running out. There were just too many... she needed an escape! And that...is when the birdy came. Yggdrasil yelped in surprise as she was grabbed by this invader! But as they flew away from the Grineer, she realized the invader was helping her! “Birdy~” she said to her savior.

The birdy looked at her incredulously. “Did you just call me...Birdy?”

Yggdrasil nodded and hugged the birdy tightly. “Birdy~!”

The birdy sighed.




Though Yggdrasil was feral, she was also very smart. After recuperating on their ship, the invaders told her what they were on Earth to do - stop Vay Hek from injecting the Cicero Toxin. She didn't care about the specifics, however. The Grineer were trying to hurt her home, and she wasn't going to let that happen! Besides, these invaders seemed nice...and had bananas! Yggdrasil loves bananas. And...perhaps now, she won't be lonely anymore.




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