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"welcome To Warframe" Event


All righty folks. Let me first and foremost say that participation in this user-created event is entirely optional. You'll probably receive nothing from doing this except for some appreciation.

Anywho, here's the details:

As we know the Steam launch for Warframe has arrived (-insert rage here-). This has undoubtedly brought in an influx of newer players. I figured as a sort of welcome to the game kind of thing, a few of the more experienced players could host an event. Again, it's entirely optional and I don't plan on shaming anyone into helping with it. The idea is to get teams of 2 experienced players and 2 newbs. The newbies will be sorted according to what Warframe it is that they're after (i.e I'm not going to put guys who want different frames together because that's asking too much of those helping). The teams will run the boss for the desired bps until the newbs have acquired the entire warframe. It is then up to them to acquire the materials and whatnot for said frame.

I believe it to be a decent way of promoting the co-op aspect of the game (as well as the game itself) while also promoting that the newer players stick around to actually grow an appreciation for the game as we all have. I don't claim to say with 100% certainty that this will work however. Again, it's merely my belief that by helping them out they might stay to grow an appreciation. If they don't, we can at least say we tried.

Now I know there are cons with this idea, the most prominent probably being that many believe that it encourages handouts. As I said before however no one is forcing you to participate. I merely believed it would be something to do for those that have no clue what they're doing as well as giving those of us who pretty much just sit around now a chance to be productive.

Anyone who wishes to assist with the event can contact me via the forums or in-game. I will not proceed to announce the event as ongoing until I've amassed roughly 20 volunteers per server. Should we not reach the goal, the event can just be scrapped.

That's it in a nutshell. If you're in I appreciate it. If not, no harm no foul and I wish you good luck in the game.

Edit: if you're willing to support, please include what server you predominantly play on. I wouldn't want to be making you guys stay up til like 5 am just because I paired people wrong e.e


Deucalian (NA-East)

alexislightus (NA-East)

GeneralCow (SA East/West to NA-East. Willing to work either way)

Halisi (NA-East)

FallenKingErzon (NA-East)

Bennyworld (EU-West)

Tracek (NA-West)

Haru (NA-East)

Hellscare (NA-East)

Porygon (NA-East)

RainNero (NA-East/West. Willing to work on any English-Spanish server)

Zudose (NA-East)

lilme3333 (NA-East)

AureusVulpes (NA-East)

electricsheep (OCN but willing to work EU-East/West)

LaRode (EU-West)

MrDESC (NA-West)

Labcat (EU-West)

JRMC (EU-West)

Katakuna (NA-East)

Shaftronics (OCN)

Sayoka (NA-East/West)

Eternum (EU-East)

Alsphestrium (OCN?)

Akosah (NA-East but willing to work EU-East/West)

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I volunteer to this event, I just want to get some credits/mods while helping people, so well, this is likely the perfect place.

Edit: I'm a Brazilian, so anyone in the regions South America East/West to North America East is already fine for me to help

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You might want to go ahead and wait for a complete fix for the chatbox.

A lot of people are still having difficulties with it.

Without a chatbox, guiding newbies without them getting in the way is going to be an issue. (plus you can't really teach them if needed)

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Here I was, trying to help people without signing up. lol

Im up to the task.

Helping people without signing up?? What are you, some kind of nice guy?!

I'd like to help if possible, but a College schedule may interfere. I'm good for US East/West, and I'd be willing to attempt almost any other English-Speaking region.

That's fine. Should we manage to reach our goal of 20 per server I'll send out a mass PM asking when would be the preferred time for everyone. Since I plan on doing it on a global scale I know that it won't be possible to have it all happen at once. I just need times when all of those participating in the same region would be able to do it.

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This is what i basicly do in my free time anyways, and is there like a specified clan for this? as in this should be known as the helping clan or something of that sort you get what im saying?

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I was thinking of doing a clan just for the duration of the event and seeing how we liked it. The problem is I'm sure a lot of people are already in Clans and I'm not sure whether they would join or not. If you'd like to make one though just so that those of us participating can stay connected easier, I've no problems joining it.

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Thanks for that :D

Seems like we're getting a bunch of NA East guys. Should we reach the goal of 20 NA-E players before we get players from all over, would you all be okay with running one on our server? Just to use it as kind of a trial to see how things would go for when/if we go global with it?

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hey its LaRode here

i am willing to support with my frames :)

i am in EU-West (but as there is no big time difference can also connect to EU-East players)

i can also provide a teamspeak 3 server for my team for better communications.

so please keep me updated ;)

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I like the idea. Will help out in Oceania (Europe zones should also be doable).

I'll add you in for OCN primary but EU-E/W doable. Also as a note to those that I have listed as "doable", I'm counting your primary time zone as the preferred server. I'll make sure to message you all and confirm that you're able to do other servers before I say "Oh well yeah he's doing this one just cuz he said he can".

I'm newbie America do sul.. help me. I'm canditat :O

Candidates will be chosen when the event starts. Hopefully we can last long enough without burning ourselves out to make the event last at least 3 hours. If the other supporters don't mind I was really just planning on doing this as a "first come first serve" basis since we'll probably have no ideas as to how many newer players wanting help there will be on at the start of the event until we announce that it's started ._.;

hey its LaRode here

i am willing to support with my frames :)

i am in EU-West (but as there is no big time difference can also connect to EU-East players)

i can also provide a teamspeak 3 server for my team for better communications.

so please keep me updated ;)

Thanks for offering that. I'm not much on voice chat so I don't offer it personally, but if you're willing to let your group use it for the event purposes then it'll probably help a lot. As far as updates concerning the events, I'm probably going to just keep editing the supporter's list. Then when we reach our quota on a set server I'll send out PMs to all those involved on that server asking when they'd prefer we host the event.

Anyways, just to add in, maybe you can refer to new players to this thread too as a starting guide for the game =) https://forums.warfr...or-new-players/

I'm so creating a macro for this just so I can post it in chat every 5 seconds e.e

Count me in as a supporter. I'm on NA-West. And like LaRode, I've got TS3 server to use

Will do. Thanks for supporting. Voice isn't mandatory but if you all wouldn't mind offering it to the players you're helping during the duration of the event, I'd appreciate it. You'd probably be able to answer more of their questions and whatnot then.

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