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We would like to take the opportunity to remind players of the importance of keeping your Warframe account secure.  Per the Terms of Use, and as agreed to by all players when their accounts were created, the account creator is responsible for all activities and transactions that occur under their account.  With that in mind, please do not share your account login information with ANYONE for ANY reason.  Digital Extremes will not be held responsible for any items or resources lost as a result of a security breach on your account.  If you have given access to your account to another player for any reason, we might not be able to restore items that have been sold, traded, or changed in any way.  As well, any player found to have accessed another player’s account will have their own account permanently banned from Warframe without exception.


Some basic account security tips:


·         Never share your login information with anyone

·         Do not use the same password for different accounts – keep your password unique for each account

·         If you play at a friend’s house (even a trusted friend), make sure that you never leave yourself logged in while the game is unattended, and check to ensure that your login information is not saved on their machine

·         If you live with other people, do no leave your account logged in while you are away from the game


What to do if you think your account has been compromised:


·         Change your password and the email associated with your account immediately. To change your password, go to https://warframe.com/user .  To change your account email, please send a request to support@warframe.com.

·         Open a support ticket (support.warframe.com) and contact Player support as soon as possible describing your situation.

·         Please refrain from making trades or purchases while we are investigating and/or restoring your account, as this can complicate the recovery process.

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