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[Deus Ex Tempus] Recruiting All Players For A Laid Back Clan Experience (2400+ Members)


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Bumping to state this clan has treated my friends and I really well. Everyone here thusfar is friendly, willing to answer questions, and we even have a taxi service to alerts =) Would be nice to have some more active peeps to join us on crazy adventures

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IMPORTANT NEWS: As of 4/16/2014 I will be purging 3 inactive members a day and recruiting at least 3 members a day :D This is so we have more and more active players without lowering our numbers drastically. Being kicked for inactivity will be done if you are offline for 30 days or more.EjvKSJ.gif



We're a laid back clan that lets its members do anything they want basically.

All players can:

1. Host the dojo

2. Contribute to dojo structures ( not required :) )

3. Queue research

4. Recruit more members

5. ETC

Our current member count is 935 ( as of 5/11/2014 ) members and I'd really like for us to grow even more :D

How do you join? Just put your name down as a reply to this and I will invite you :D Make sure you are active because inactive members will bring shame to their famory and be purged

We have all labs and everything is researched.

We don't require our members to do anything for the clan. For example: You don't have to contribute to the dojo.

As of right now everyone is equal.

dl2Iwz.gifRare footage of Rhino sacrificing himself to save the solar system and Stalker's reason for hating the tenno

I make sure everyone is being nice to each other so you don't have to worry about meeting jerks or anything

Here's some screenshots from our dojo. It is constantly growing and my hopes are that people will eventually get lost in it.












need an active, helpful, and laid back clan? join Deus Ex Tempus (Moon Clan) we got all labs and no requirements to join :D pm me for info or invite. Looking to for Clans to join my alliance pm me for info :D

Make sure you are out of any clan before you put your name down. ( I'm on moderator queue so i don't really want to reply and wait hours for you to finally see my post XD )

I'm the only one sending invites for forum recruits so give me some time to send invites (I have to go to school and work =/).48629945.jpg

I'd like to join. Vitored

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This clan is awesome! Not only is the research done, people are pretty willing to help each other out and stuff. Epic duels too. So you know, if you like that kinda stuff, I guess you could join.


Be nice to people and they'll be nice to you too!

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