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The Most Badass Ever In Warframe

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So, I just did a phorid run.


As I approached, a prod crewman dashed down the steps valiantly.


He didn't flinch, didn't hesitate, he ran straight for phorid!


He battled him! Tanked him, striking and dodging and giving it his all!










...and he won. Son of a beach won, had 25% hp left, too. Granted, he had some help, but dammit, that was AWESOME.


I want to give him a medal or buy him a drink or something. I have some pics I'll post up later, but... d-ham.


What a badass.

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Better love story than anything.  I hope you are a femaleframe and married that Corpus!




(pictures don't work for me so I don't know the frame gender)

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Haha finally a thread that made me laugh in a positive way. Was starting to get worried with all those QQ threads lately.

Expect overflow of them when people start farming Rhino Prime. Crying threads ofc.

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