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Best Weapons?


Hello. I'm new to Warframe and there are a lot of things that I don't understand, like weapons. There are some that seem to better than others, and some seem to be worthless. I suppose that weapons that are XP locked are harder to obtain so they're stronger than the other one. Am I right?

I'm not sure which ones are the best for me. I would like to have a strong long-medium range riffle, and a strong medium-close range pistol.

I would also like a fast melee weapon, would Dual skana/zoren/heat swords be a good idea?

I find it hard to find a group so I would like to have weapons that will work on solo play.

What are the best weapons in warframe in your opinion?

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The best weapon atm for most ppl is the HEK ( locked until lvl 4 )..

Also the Boltor is pretty good, since it has armor piercing..

ON the sidearm subject, you can try the Kraken ( don't know if it's XP locked ), or the Lex.. Or you can try to build AkBolto ( you need to craft 2 Boltos first.. )..

People usually go for Dual Zoren in the dual weapons category on account of their critical damage chance..

I'm lvling them now, so i don't have many experience with them, but i have the Fangs ( Double daggers ), and like them alot ( but they seem pretty weak against infected )

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No best weapon... All weapon are good in their own to deal damage to each type of enemy.

Is all depend how you going to spec your weapon with Mods and your playing style.

By the way on the default weapon (Gun and Sidearm) given to you when you start your first warframe is not good only.

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honestly that is a beast loadout and everyone can have it by finishing mercury

anything/everything else is just for flavor mostly

CRONUS is single target only. It's nice, but far from best. I switched to dual skana and have no regrets, its charged attack is a beast. And you can buy them for credits only...

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I'm enjoying my Braton, Lex, and Cronus combo.

The Braton is a good general purpose weapon and the Lex is a pistol-sized sniper rifle (it's really silly, I score ridiculous numbers of headshots). With the right mods (Barrel Diffusion (multishot), Hornet Strike (damage), and No Return (armor piercing), add elemental damage for flavor) it's easily my favorite weapon of all. The only real drawbacks are the low, low rate of fire and reload speed; it's small magazine capacity is a non-issue, as one shot = one kill.

I've made Dual Heat Swords and I'm looking forward to trying them out, anyone have any tips? The reach on them is hilariously short.

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