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To Players Who Got Their Banshee Chassis Bp From Defense Missions...


Hi all!

First of all i know that the these blueprints are obtainable from defence,raid, intel and capture missions...But the defense mission definitely has higher chance of dropping a blueprint and higher return reward than the other type of missions.

Then, the helmet and systems were fine because they have definite info on what defense missions they drop which is fairly consistent based on the forum topics/replies floating around here in the forums...while the system has a really vague information other than relying on doing raid 100+ mission but still not getting any which is becoming frustrating...

So I would like to ask help from the other player who got their Banshee Chassis Blueprint from various defence missions to help us unfortunate players who still need this piece..

screenshots and/or info(important..) on where you did you get it will be very helpful...

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Warframe system is the most rare part, it can take a long time for you to find it. I tried to loot over 30 times.

For me, the system bp has always been the easiest one to aquire & chassis being the hardest.

I've come to this conclusion after farming bp parts for 10 diffrent Warframes.

Also some 30 runs is nothing yet compared to what some of us have gon thru to aquire 1-3 bp parts just for one Warframe.

For me Loki bp parts took over 100 runs & Banshee Chassis bp runs... i stopped counting after some 100+ (which was 2 days ago).

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