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Collective List Melee Issues U7


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Wallwalk melee Dash - Once you hit the floor you will perform the animation again with an additional roll at the end

Charged attack - sometimes you are just performing a normal melee attack, happens especially after a series of quick melee attacks solved

Normal attack - sometimes you are performing a charged attack

Slide Attack - Sometimes you are briefly stuck in the sheating animation, unable to do melee attacks until the weapon is sheated (especially with Dual Heat swords)

Slide Attack - you can do it twice now, not sure if bug or feature, simply keep the crouch key pressed and tap melee again, feels kinda cool though!

Other Bugs that have been mentioned before

Stuck in Jump attack (especially on corpus def mission)


The overall Range of the weapons seems to be rather short compared to pre Update 7, often missing enemies which are visually touched by the respective weapon (Dual Heat sword, slide attack feels particularly shortranged, Jawsword charged attack and Slide attack, cant confirm the others yet)

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