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Perspective Of A New Player!


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The following are the only issues I could find that made the game a bit more irritating, but nothing ground breaking. I’m floored at how fun this game is. The copy pasta of certain level designs is overdone, but the game play more than makes up for that:

Is Warframe going to receive a feature that allows a player to check his optional objective at a later time through the menu: An example would be to get 10 headshots with a pistol?

Are their going to be any features to allow players to test out Warframes before they purchase them?

Are Warframes going to receive another pass? Ash’s powers are rather lackluster when stacked against Warframes like Frost, Ember, Trinity, and Sryn.

Are there any plans to be more descriptive with blueprints before a player purchases them, as they are very ambiguous and tell the player nothing of what is required to make a weapon before the purchase?

Are prices for upgrading modules going to receive another pass, as the prices to increase the modules jumps exponentially at later levels, yet credits cap off?

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Frankly, if the optional objective rewards credit/mod then I'll bother checking it. Right now, I don't care about it. Extra EXP is, honestly, useless.

Frame testing or renting wasn't mentioned by DE but it's a good suggestion. Buying/Investing blindly is the last thing anyone wants to do. Blueprint description should be included into this point as well. The game really needs more transparency at this point.

Frame's powers are now subjected to change with the card system. I think we will see alternate powers for all of them in the future. However, I think the current powers are going through series of changes in numerical values but the main design probably not going to change. Ash's fourth is awesome BTW, one of the most cost-effective direct damage power in term of mod point among frames.

Cost for fusion is extremely low if you use duplicates to fuse. Fusion core is more universal but expensive. I think it should stays this way but lower the price for core fusion a little bit.

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Do the developers plan on giving a reward for unlocking or completing an entire planet? An example could be the following: A highly sought after module, blueprint, or weapon.

Do the developers plan on explaining to the player about their progression in ranks (not Warframe, Sentinel, or Weapon ranks) and how to accomplish this in game, as opposed to outside or third party sources?

Do the developers plan on explaining how modules of the same type can be fused at a discount and net a quicker power growth?

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1. They didn't mention it in the lastest Q&A.

2. Tutorial for Tenno rank? no news about it. DE Steve mentioned something about making the reank system a part of lore in the future but nothing set in stone.

3. I think it's about observation. I like the fact that there's little hand-holding from DE in this game oppose to other F2Ps which feel obligate to explain everything to players in a lenghty 15 minutes tutorial. I mean, the price is there on your screen.

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