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Great Game: Ideal Improvements


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So far from update 7, everything is great.

I like how you start undetected and can play stealthy, but once you get spotted then there is no chance to go visible again.

ideal improvements:

-Have a 3-5 seconds awarness time where is you are in sight/range of enemy they will spot you

Juring the 3-5 seconds you can preform a stealth kill at touching range or normal swings at reachable distance.

At all angles, you can still preform a stealth kill. After clearing area/room buffer time to hide or not be seen for a certain time, it will go quiet again but enemies are on caution.


-Tenchu Z (xbox360)

general gameplay mechanics

-Splinter Cell (Series)

ways on improving stealth aproach


in ARSENAL when you click on colour change, there is no back button or way to go back. please update area.

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