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I would say take off the timer, one way to make players not spam snowglobe is to also make players have to tap snowglobe again to cancel it so they can summon another one. Rather than having to wait for the timer to go out so you can use snowglobe quickly in a tight situation. Might be better ideas, but it's a thought. 

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Seriously. People. Easiest fix would be to remove the health from Snowglobe and reduce all enemy projectile damage by 40~50% base and be buffable by power strength. And scale the slow to the range.


And swap freeze for something else. And change Avalanche back to what it was before 12.4.2 broke it.

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I am all for giving frost's globe armor-- But I don't think it should scale with Frost's armor rating or with Frost's Armor mods like steel fiber etc.  I think it should be given its own that would be increased with Focus or what is now "intensify"


I am definitely for the duration being removed.  I would also, however, like duration to effect Avalanche-  Currently on PS4 we still have the "broken" avalanche, where when you have Stretch applied, it is an awesome form of crowd control.  I enjoy frost alot more than I thought I would after the nerf but it is ONLY because of the avalanche/ Radius mod = increased freeze duration before breaking.  It is so fun to play him like this.  


if I were designing frost this is what I would do just for myself-- in other words, this is what frost would be like "Ideally" if I were the only person playing this game with 3 other friends all the time- or solo occasionally.


1.  Allow Duration mods to effect Avalanche's and Freeze's "Freeze effect"  and the slow effect on Ice wave.  --Remove duration effecting snow globe entirely.   So to be clear,  + duration will not effect Snow Globe and neither will - duration.


2.  Allow stretch to increase the WIDTH AND LENGTH of Ice wave, maybe it does, but on ps4 ---- at least visually, it does not, it simply looks like it goes further out--


proposal : let the crystals that come out of the ground actually cover the entire area that is being hit graphically if possible?

and if ice wave doesn't currently benefit Width Wise from Stretch then make it do so!


3.  Make Freeze have a small Aoe blast like Fireball only for its damage, not for it's Freeze effect-- make freeze travel as fast as fireball does now.  It is still too slow although much better.


4.  Anything frozen solid by freeze or avalanche that is not "killed"  and is sitting there frozen... If broken with melee/sniper ammo (sniper rifles and bows) then allow a small for small splash AoE damage around the frozen enemy.  (do not let stretch increase the damage radius of this splash damage)  


-Also-- increase the crit chance of all melee damage or add a damage " 2x - 3x dmg bonus" on anything that gets hit while Frozen by " Melee or sniper ammo"  meaning-- "bows,sniper rifles and any Melee weapon"


Suggestion: Allow Banshee's sonar to show through frozen enemies if cast before or after they are frozen and caught in sonar to allow for really really effective Bow shots/ Sniping when combo'd right :-)


-do not allow invis melee dmg bonus' to stack with frosts Freeze dmg/crit bonus.. but instead-- allow a "stealth kill" prompt if you are behind a frozen enemy!


If Frost had all of the above I believe he would be an awesome frame (he is anyway still, but this would be amazing in my very personal opinion!)



This would also allow for some SICK combo counter bonus damage etc in Melee 2.0! 


Finally, and this is a maybe if Freeze's speed doesn't get innately increased----


(Make Natural Talent increase the speed at which Freeze and Fireball move  as well as "any other projectiles that don't auto target/ hit scan" possibly as a final suggestion).


~Crackle2012 (PSN)

~Quatto87 (PC)

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It seems that there are benefits and draw backs with the two options that DE has created for us to think about.  Either option will have a draw back and an element in which players will notice and exploit/complain about.  

Question is, which draw back do you want to deal with?


A). Remove the timer and leave the armor scaling; yet according to some this would create unlimited spheres when fighting enemies that can't directly damage the globe--the infested.  I'm not addressing late/end game situations since there depend on...well...the situation at hand.


B). Remove the armor scaling and leave the timer; which is where it was long time ago and the reason why people were complaining in the first place.


I honestly think--as I mentioned before--that we remove Snow Globe and add something different to Frost.  This community, obviously, does not agree with the skill, at all.  Some want to add nifty attachments to Snow Globe, which goes against why DE is asking us to pick between the two options; the same two options they are fighting about internally.


Remove Snow Globe and add another skill that does the same job as Snow Globe, but differently.

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Here are my suggestions to Frost's 4 skills.


1. Freeze: Make it do an AoE freeze to up to 3 targets at impact point. Improvable by Power Strength, to a max of 5.

2. Ice Wave: Make it so enemies debuffed by Ice Wave take an extra 125%/150%/175%/200% Cold Damage.

3. Snow Globe: Add Armor Scaling. Do not remove Duration.

4. Avalanche: If you don't want to add the stun back to this ability, then make it Crit on Frozen targets. Allow it to be cast while in the air.


Also, either increase Frost Prime's move speed, or increase his health/shields. Rhino Prime's speed buff makes him preferable to Frost Prime at this point.


Will keep playtesting Frost and refining my suggestions.

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