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Update 7.4 Hot-Fixes


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Latest batch of hot-fixes!

- Sentinel weapons can now have mods, currently uses player's rifle/pistol mods

- Fixed minimap breaking when trying to cycle camera when not in spectator mode

- Fixed some alternate helmets not affecting stats as intended

- Fixed avatar completely missing from intro cinematics in offline mode

- Potential fix for Apex related crashes/freezes

- Improved chatbox error handling and connectivity

- Fixed chatbox breaking when attempting to send a whitespace only message

- Platinum should now update when closing the steam overlay

- Fixed an issue with infinite slide up slopes

- Fixed an issue with wall strike melee attacks

- All melee weapons should now count towards the Melee Kill challenge

- Weapon skins and alternate helmets can only be purchased once

- Fixed client's Artifact Card not applying when joining in progress and using same card as host

- Fixed Physique Artifact Card not bestowing increased max health on Host

- Saryn's Moult decoy no longer holds a pistol

- Fixed fusion process for high level cores as well as issue where fusion amount would sometimes decrease when adding a core

- Fixed an issue with host migration forcing the next wave to start even if players choose to claim and exit

- Fixed chat user list not re-populating after returning from mission

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Time to turn PhysX on again! \o/

E: Had to turn it off again. Game didn't hard lock, but it froze all the same (could still move the mouse, but was just standing there. 'T' wasn't able to open up the chat window). Also, I keep getting "Disconnected from game session" multiple times before being able to join a mission.

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Does anyone actually have a physique artificat card? Can't say I recall seeing them drop from an alert. Ditto for a lot of the artifact cards we know about.

- Fixed fusion process for high level cores as well as issue of adding a core and dropping the fusion amount.

any chance could explain this in a bit more detail?

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Nice fixes, but do Redirection (Warframe) and Flow still have an insanely low droprate? That should be fixed =-p

Also BRING BACK GLOWING MODS... this hotfix got rid of em, pretty sure everyone loved them =(


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