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More Accurate Stats/descriptions Please


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I'm not sure if I'm the only way to want this, but wouldn't it be great if they added more accurate stats for weapons.

Like letting people know that fragor and daggers ignore armor

or how many pellets shotguns shoot out

or what the crit chance of weapons are

weather a melee weapon has a special for jumb attacks

or the actual attack speed of a melee weapons. (I was a dumbass and when I saw that gram had a 1.3 attack speed, I thought it would attack faster then my skana. Note this is when I first started playing but yeah).

My 2 cents. I know that there are alot more important things that need to be addressed and the game is still in beta but this would be kinda nice to have in the near future.

Also the same for warframe abilitys. for example I didn't know ash's smoke bomb would make me do more melee damage

I then thought that it was crit damage when, infact, it was stealth damage (or so i was told by DE_clint) so there goes alot of credits being spent on increased crit damage mod xD

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