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Problems With The Controles And Reduce Lag Input Features ? Devs Read This Pls


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Ive notice since the update 7 some aspect of the caracter have been broke , before the combo Sprint»crouch»jump was making a frontflip rigth away it was responsive and awesome , now since update 7 when i do the exact combo in the proper order really fast as usual the controle dont respond well for me and for my friends as well so its not a issue related to me only

When i do this very combo the game end up to make me do a slide kick jump 3 time out of 4 when kick jump is suposed to be Sprint»Jump»crouch and not Sprint»crouch»jump there is something wrong

ALso in the ventilation tunel when you have to jump over a hole now you simply cant most of the time you have to runwall to pass those hole now something is broken into the controles

Also having a reduce lag input will be for me a welcome feature

PS: also the double automatic roll after jumping get really anoying making you fall outside of the map and you cant controle this automatically generated thing ... it was bad before U7 but its worst since u7 since sometime instead of a roll it make a double roll

Please look into this issue and fix it please , this is really game breaking to not be able to performe exactly what you want to

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