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Theifs Wit Always On Without Mod


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Having recently maxed out the level of my frost, I've moved on and began leveling my excalibur prime. To my chagrin Theifs Wit seems to be turned on with my Excalibur Prime when that was once an ability only my frost had.

It is, in it's own rights pretty awesome to have Theifs Wit on at all times. In the spirit of bug finding I thought it best that everyone knows about it.

Wherein the first level of theifs wit is 2 energy, I have equpped a level 3 energy on my frost. I find the effects of theifs wit that I am getting is more like energy 2 though. As I am not seing loot canisters on my radar.

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I like that you fixed this bug, but I would like to safely mention a new bug. Theifs wit has been pernamently turned off no matter if I have the mod equipped or not.

You become some what dependant on it while farming for mods. Is there a way I can get that fixed? :)

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