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Update 12.4.0


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Update 12.4.0



EVENT: Tethra’s Doom:

Disable the Fomorian Fleet and stop Vay Hek's plans! https://warframe.com/news/tethras-doom-now




·         Grineer Shipyards tile set revealed with new “Hijack” game mode & Tethra’s Doom event!
·         New Prime items in the Void!
    Rhino Prime
    Ankyros Prime
    Boltor Prime
    AkBronco Prime
·         2x new Alternate helmets (Valkyr, Oberon)
·         New Corpus Crewmen voices are here! They now have their own language and a whole new style as voted by the Design Council!

·         Added Tutorial buttons to various sections of the game (Foundry, Mod screen, etc).


·         Changes to Void/Derelict Mission rewards to include new Prime gear. Locations of where new gear is being placed is listed on our forums, and will be fully unveiled in the coming weeks as the new items are discovered: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/172911-prime-gear-drop-locations/
·         Note: Orokin Derelict Defense has had all Credit Rewards removed from rotation with this Update. Review is ongoing for the current loot in the endless mission types.
·         Panic buttons now can be un-alerted. This means if you've been detected on a ship/planet/location, you can revert the alarms to a neutral state to complete missions with a more 'stealthy' approach.
·         Gain and radius updates to all Infested Ancient vocals.
·         Updated sounds for electroprod whooshes.
·         Nova’s Nullstar ability changed so radial damage can affect enemies with weak points.
·         Changed the description on the Polarization screen to be clearer about how Polarization works.
·         Improvements to Rescue target in Rescue missions (pssst want to give us feedback on mission types? see here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/189247-optional-mission-feedback-survey/ ) Changed the Rescue hostage's health, shield and speed, changed threat level, and fixed objective markers not following the path in Corpus and Earth Settlement levels.
·         Added support for using left analog stick and dpad for turning pages in Codex/Tutorials.
·         All 3D weapon reloads have had the radius adjusted.
·         Made some further optimizations in the Forest expansion levels to improve performance.
·         Tweaks to Derelict Survival levels to make it less repetitive and limit the number of smaller intermediates
·         Nyx's Chaos ability deco uses the correct helmet.
·         Accelerated Blast's bonus to puncture damage now matches the description (at base level, was adding 22% Puncture so when mod itself said 15%), as well as all the other mods that increase physical damage.
·         Adjusted brightness of Stalker’s bow string to fix colour bleeding.
·         Orokin Void procedural level optimization - reduced number of dead ends, limited some of the heavier connectors, limited max intermediates to 3 instead of 4, reduced connectors in dead ends.
·         Audio improvements to magnetic, fire, and toxic aura impact.
·         Disable auto-joining of other players when playing keys in public mode. Players will be required to join via invite or right-clicking from chat context menu.
·         Revised enemy AI Leader ability sounds.
·         Grineer Galleon gameplay additions: (broken light electrical hazard, new door type that damages players as the pass through).
·         Corpus Laser doors adjusted under the hood to be more reliable at damaging passer-bys.
·         Modified AI in Interception to balance between attacking players and capturing points better.
·         Audio revisions to Furax flesh and metal impacts.
·         Weapon and Mod conclave tweaks.
·         Split Auto-Fuse into two buttons; one for just fusion cores, and one for just duplicate mods.


·         Fixed issue where Void missions could be completed without keys being consumed.
·         Fixed Vauban’s Bastille FX to fade properly.
·         Fixed issue with friendly AI Leaders that would cause negative effects on players during Invasion modes.
·         Fixed sniper reticules to rescale when HUD scale changes.
·         Fixed a situation where it was possible for a Nekros summoned ally to squad up with enemy AI and take points.
·         Fixed Clan invite UI breaking for player when they use the field to type out a player's name.
·         Fixed most instances where multiple enemies would not appear on client until they die.
·         Fixed the beam FX for Nova’s Wormhole ability that did not scale according to range mods.
·         Fixed Kela de Thaym to not appear as a Leader AI type.
·         Fixed issue with start timer not showing up for client when selecting a node.
·         Fixed Knee Slides for pistol/rifle - All holstered 'long' weapons were clipping severely into ground.
·         Fixed and removed some unnecessary water planes from Forest levels.
·         Fixed Infested Whip that appeared broken when holstered.
·         Fixed multiple reported language bugs across all languages.
·         Fixed many reported collision issues across all tile sets.
·         Fixed issue in Interception mode where occasionally the UI will indicate you have completed a capture at 99% instead of 100%.
·         Fixed issue where fusing dupe stack into a equipped mod would let you exceed mod capacity on that weapon/warframe.
·         Fixed bug where the bleedout timer stops if a sentinel with the sacrifice mod is in the process of reviving a player and dies.
·         Fixed malfunctioning Sentinel Regen mod.
·         Fixed some Warframe abilities that had errors in conclave battles.
·         Fixed Despair and Hikou in hand models disappearing forever after emptying one clip.
·         Fixed grenades and sticky bombs not being destroyed after use.
·         Fixed Agile and Noble animation sets that were playing akimbo pistol idles when using thrown weapons.
·         Fixed the scope ring material on Vectis.
·         Fixed the Fusion Moa's drone that doesn't get elemental effects when attached to back of Moa.
·         Fixed muzzle flash FX on Boltor and Supra.
·         Fixed another instance of end of match black screen (edge case).
·         Fixed missing effect and objective marker for incoming life support drops in Survival.
·         Fixed VFX in Interception:  the pillar of light, letters, and symbols do not flash when player territories are being captured. Flashing the pillar of light and letters when an AI is attempting to capture a point.
·         Fixed fusion thinking a mod would exceed the drain limit of a config slot it's not installed in.
·         Fixed clients not seeing proper colour customization if they have the default colours, have never changed colours, and if they have the branded restraining bolt attached.
·         Fixed bug that allowed you to sell your last remaining Sentinel precepts.
·         Fixed an issue where the player's left hand was open when hip firing with the payload device (Datamass).
·         Fixed rare case where player A has a pending trade document for player B, but player B does not have a corresponding trade document for player A, at which point they can't continue to trade and can't cancel the trade.
·         Fixed Hikou not matching energy colour choice.
·         Fixed an issue with Rhino’s Iron Skin not appearing after using a scope.
·         Fixed music not starting on clients and G3/Stalker/Harvester music not playing on clients.
·         Fixed Zephyr Tornado ability to properly switch appearance with damage type.
·         Fixed issue with clients that would be pulled into Vauban’s Vortex.
·         Fixed some FX bugs with Zephyr.
·         Fixed bleedout marker that would remain on minimap for host after the client has died.
·         Fixed label for void/derelict/dojo from appearing when associated key isn't available.
·         Fixed Sentinel achievements not being awarded from bonus xp at the end of a mission.
·         Fixed some reported AI “stuck spots” in Settlement.
·         Fixed hack panels remaining indefinitely active after a hull-breach.
·         Fixed enemy projectiles from disappearing after the owner dies.
·         Fixed host migration issue in Interception where host choosing to claim and exit causes the client to get the claim and exit screen a second time.
·         Fixed objective markers disappearing in Survival after Host Migrations.
·         Fixed a missing connecter in Derelict procedural levels.

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From in-game Red Text, archived for humor value. I take credit only for the transcription errors.

Incoming transmission from The Lotus...

Tenno, our intelligence has uncovered a new threat: FORMORIAN class ships are being assembled in Grineer shipyards under Vay Hek's orders. We must disruptor their plans at all costs. Stand by for further instructions regarding Operation: Tethra's Doom.

Update 12.4.0 inbound in 5 minutes. Experience the new Grineer Shipyards in Operation: Tethra's Doom. Better strap on your ninja boots, you're going to be up to your knees in ship.

Updating in 4 minutes. Looks like we've got a pack of ship disturbers here tonight... good thing too, because messing ship up is what this Operation's all about.

Update coming in 3 mnutes. Alright enough with that ship (for now). New PRIME gear has been released: Boltor Prime, Ankyros Prime, AKBronco Prime, and of course, RHINO Prime. Prime Code Piece? 100% included.

2 minutes until Update Includes a shipload of bug fixes while we're at it. We might have shipped the bed earlier, but now those bugs are plain ship out of luck.

Updating in 1 minute. Instead of bullshipping around I should probably mention that tonight's update weighs in at 600 MB. ISP's around the world soon to be shipping their pants.

Hold up, experiencing some shippy technical issues -- stand by while we figure ship out. I blame Vay Hek. So should you.

Sorry folks, Vay Hek really puts the "Grin" in "Grineer" for sabotaging our deployment!

Just a little bit longer, almost got this ship straightened out.

Almost there, for real. Ship takes a while sometimes. You know how it goes.

OK finally - ship's fixed, we fixed that ship.
so... back to countdown

4:22 until Update

OK OK, enough of this ship


Update 12.4.0 deploying NOW. As in RIGHT NOW. Please remain in your missions until deployment has finishipped.

Still deploying. 600 MB is a big ship.

Update 12.4.0 has been deployed. I'm sure you all heard that massive grunt.

Please restart the game at your earliest convenience. Watch for a message from The Lotus - Operation: Tethra's Doom begins shortly!

Quota for immature ship has been exceeded.

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