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Several Questions



Hi guys,

I would like to have some answers regarding different stuffs.

Firstly, what's the difference between power efficiency and power strenght.

Do I have to upgrate power or weapons mods in the first place ?

What means puncture for the game and what's the difference with armor penetration ?

Then I have the the ranking up test (for rank 2) with Loki. I have to kill 10 foes stealthly but even if I invi at the beginning, targets are aware of me and I haven't the opportunity to do the stealth attacks.

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Power efficiency is the reduction in the cost of your abilitys ( powers )..

Power strenght increases the damage dealt by your powers..

You upgrade whatever you want first..

Puncture i think it extends the range of piercing projectiles, like a bow shot..

Armor penetration it's just that.. Ignores a % of the enemys armor.. Counts as elemental damage i believe..

About the last thing, i have no clue..

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Power Efficiency reducess the Power cost of skills. For example, if you had a 25% Power Efficiency mod, it would cost you 25 less Energy to cast Crush with a Mag frame. That's 75 Energy instead of 100. Pretty hefty. Power Strength increases the power of offensive skills, making them do more damage overall.

You don't have to upgrade weapon and power mods, however, it is generally recommended. When you get later on in the game you may wish to have a few spare "Low level" duplicate mods in case you have some spare power and nothing to use it with.

Puncture, is the ability for bullets to pierce through in-game objects, such as walls, boxes and other enemies. Armour Piercing does damage to enemies that ignores Armour. Puncture mods don't do this, but they can make life easier. E.g. In Corpus missions, you can often shoot through thin fences and the like. With an upgraded Puncture mod, you can shoot through Grineer Shield Lancer's shields. At present, Puncture is quite expensive for what it can do, though.

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