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[U13] Tenno Search Thread - Stance Mods | Lex Prime | Prepped For Loki Prime


With the apparent lack of content to discover throughout the galaxy, it appears this thread has been silently and unceremoniously unstickied by the powers that be for the time being. Expect a return when Loki Prime enters the fray!


IMPORTANT : The rest of the prime part droptables have been mostly changed as of Update 13. For the new locations of all Primes up to Update 12, see https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/172911-prime-gear-drop-locations/ (The original table will be archived for PS4 players.)
Greetings, Tenno!

With the release of new stance mods for melee in Update 13, we must once again journey across the galaxy to find which enemy drops what mod. If you find any stance mods from a particular enemy, post them here!

We must also strive to find the new Lex Prime - the parts are scattered across T1 Capture, T3 Defense, and T3 Survival with Lotus once again refusing to disclose the drop locations to us! If you find a Lex Prime part, post it here!

Lex Prime complete and Stance mods are all valid as of this current update! Thank you to everyone that helped!

Melee Mods:
(Note : These tables are subject to change as a result of any hotfixes after v13.0.3)
Katana 1: Tranquil Cleave - Frontier Butcher, Arid Butcher

Katana 2 : Decisive Judgement - Tenno Specter***
Sword 1: Iron Phoenix - Lancer, Frontier Lancer, Frontier Hellion, Frontier Heavy Gunner, Arid Lancer, Arid Hellion
Sword 2: Crimson Dervish - Bombard
Dual Sword 1: Crossing Snakes - Elite Lancer, Elite Frontier Lancer, Elite Arid Lancer
Dual Sword 2: Swirling Tiger - Scorch, Corpus Tech, Anti Moa
Scythe 1: Reaping Spiral - Crewman(Dera)
Scythe 2: Stalking Fan - Sniper Crewmen
Fist 1: Seismic Palm - Leaper
Fist 2: Fracturing Wind - Charger
Hands&Feet 1: Grim Fury - Powerfist
Hands&Feet 2: Brutal Tide - Toxic Ancient
Staff 1: Clashing Forest - Corrupted Ancient
Staff 2: Flailing Branch - Corrupted Heavy Gunner
Glaive 1: Gleaming Talon - Leech Osprey
Polearm 1: Shimmering Blight - Seeker, Arid Seeker, Frontier Seeker
Polearm 2: Bleeding Willow - Corrupted Moa
Whip 1: Burning Wasp - Corrupted Lancer
Whip 2: Coiling Viper - Corrupted Crewman
Dagger 1: Homing Fang - Nauseous Crawler
Dagger 2: Pointed Wind - Shockwave Moa
Dual Dagger 1: Gnashing Payara - Elite Crewman
Dual Dagger 2: Sinking Talon - Crewman (Detron)
Axe/Heavy Sword 1: Cleaving Whirlwind - Ancient Disrupter
Axe/Heavy Sword 2: Rending Crane - Napalm
Hammer 1: Shattering Storm - General Sargas Ruk
Hammer 2: Crushing Ruin - Seeker, Arid Seeker, Frontier Seeker
Machete* 1: Sundering Weave - Trooper, Frontier Trooper, Arid Trooper, Eviscerator, Frontier Eviscerator, Arid Eviscerator

Note : Some/all of these mods can be obtain through transmute, for those that wish to try their luck.
*A single Kama and a Prova also count as Machete-type weapons, for those not aware.
**Dual Kamas, Dual Zorens, and Dual Ichors are considered Dual Swords.
***Tenno Specters only appear in conflicted Dark Sectors that are being fought over by two clans! Keep an eye out for clans attacking the Solar Rails if you want this mod.


Lex Prime :
T1 Cap - Lex Prime Receiver
T3 Def - Lex Prime BP
T3 Surivival - Lex Prime Barrel

U12 Prime Parts:

Rhino Prime : Main BP T3 Ext, Systems T2 Ext, Helmet T2 Mob Def, Chassis T3 Survival
Boltor Prime : Main BP T3 Mob Def, Stock T1 Ext, Receiver ODD, Barrel T3 Ext
Ankyros Prime : Main BP T1 Def, Blade T3 Def, Gauntlet T2 Survival
AkBronco Prime : Main BP T1 Ext, Link T3 Cap*

Parts List:

T1 Ext (2/2)
Boltor Prime Stock (ref)
Akbronco Blueprint *

T2 Ext (1/1)
Rhino Prime Systems

T3 Ext (2/2)
Rhino Prime Blueprint (ref)
Boltor Prime Barrel

T1 Def (1/1) **
Ankyros Prime Blueprint (Wave 20, Wave 15, Wave 25)

T3 Def (1/1) **
Ankyros Prime Blade (Wave 20, Wave 15, Wave 25)

T2 Survival (1/1)
Ankyros Prime Gauntlet

T3 Survival (1/1)
Rhino Prime Chassis

T3 Capture (1/1)
AkBronco Prime Link *

T1 Mob Def (1/1)
Boltor Prime Stock

T2 Mob Def (1/1)
Rhino Prime Helmet

T3 Mob Def (1/1)
Boltor Prime Blueprint

ODD (1/1)
Boltor Prime Receiver

*NOTE : The AkBronco Prime does indeed require 2 Bronco Primes, however it ALSO requires a new part called the AkBronco Prime Link.

** For Defense missions, I will be including the wave number(s) the prime part has found at, counting multiple instances.

Old April Fools stuff:

Grate Prime : T3 Interception Main BP, T1 Invasion Grating, T1 Raid Frame, T2 Raid Screws

T3 Interception (1/1)
Grate Prime Main BP (Wave 90, Wave 100, Wave 75)

T1 Invasion (1/1)
Grate Prime Grating (Invasion Stage 3/5)

T1 Raid (1/1)
Grate Prime Frame (Copter into the river where the Stalker would normally spawn. You'll find it there.)

T2 Raid (1/1)
Grate Prime Screws (If you walk up to the giant white tree and fall down the 'bottomless pit', you'll find a room full of them.)

Original Post :

Greetings, fellow tenno,

As you all know, several new Prime weapons and Rhino Prime were released recently in Update 12.4.0. As some of you might have also noticed, DE the Lotus decided to be very mysterious about where these parts could be found.

So begins our quest to find out what drops where - if you find any of the new items in the Void, post them here and where you found them! (For reference, see the second link - new parts CANNOT be found in ODS, T1 Capture, T1 Survival, T2 Capture, or T2 Defense)

We have compiled all new Prime part locations, including the all new Grate Prime! Thank you everyone for posting!

Best of luck,
A random tenno

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273 answers to this question

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First try on T2 Exterminate = Rhino Prime Systems Blueprint (bigtoothygrin)

My first T3 survival I got the Chassis. Clan warlord was so mad. He had run it 40+ times trying for that thing.

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I think  DE messed up the drop tables. Rhino Prime systems now drops from T1 def. not  T2 ext >.<

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this what i do = if i dont see the part i want i quit the mission and start it again since i dont lose the key in process

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No god, please no, not the curse of one part that constantly eludes me :S


If this ends up like my hunt for Frost Prime, I'm never going to find the chassis or systems.

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Updating this thread with all the bits and pieces posted here and outside of this thread. Thank you everyone so far that has posted, we have managed to locate all Exterminate Prime Parts!


No idea, but if someone can answer this question I'll add it as a note in the OP for those who would like to know.

sadly it does + one extra bp to link them

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Is it true that gleaming talon dropped from sw moa?

I saw on the codex dat moa didn't drop it >.<

Or maybe the codex didn't updated on the recent hotfixes?

It's this thread that hasn't updated yet. I don't think any sources have changed to the hotfix's new drop table.

Edit: I stand corrected, this one has the new drop table.


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I found the parts, all 140 of them in my wallet


I wish I could do the same but I had recently gotten the Inferno Package, so I can't blow through another $140 yet ;_;

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T1 Ext, Boltor Prime Stock 1/1
T3 Ext, Boltor Prime Barrel (after 4 runs and 5th run also same result)

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I keep crashing when I go into the Void.  Any suggestions?  

So very tired of losing everything at the end of the mission, did this four times today. 


Setting have all been set to minimum, only person using business grade internet connection, ethernet cord plugged in, all drivers are up to date... 

have you tried Defrag/Verify game cache? do you play solo?

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Thanks for keeping your list updated ZephyrPhantom! The hunt for Shimmering Blight and Bleeding Willow shall commence. 


No problem, glad to see the effort is appreciated. :)



Updated to match the Reddit table, thanks!

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Transmuting rares (and almost 1,5kk credits) later:

- Tranquil Cleave

- Seismic Palm

- Gnashing Payara

- Cleaving Whirlwind

and a few channeling mods too (didn't take not of its names).

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Are we sure that the Boltor Prime Receiver drops form ODD? I just did a 30 minute run and only got Keys and no parts, not even for other weapons.



Boltor Prime Receiver at wave 5, ODD.

To avoid confusion: German version, "Gehäuse" = "Receiver"

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Boltor Prime Receiver at wave 5, ODD.

To avoid confusion: German version, "Gehäuse" = "Receiver"

Nice Bro :3

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Made a small edit for convenience in the OP - "Parts Overview" now also identifies each part by what area they're found in so you can look for specific prime "sets" instead of scrolling through the whole list.

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ODD: ?

T1 Def: Ankyros Prime BP

T1 Ext: Boltor Prime Stock

T1 MD: Boltor Prime Stock

T2 Ext: Rhino Prime Systems

T2 MD: Rhino Prime Helmet

T2 Survival: Ankyros Prime Gauntlet

T3 Cap: Ak Bronco Link

T3 Def : ?

T3 Ext: Rhino Prime BP & ______________

T3 MD: Drops seem to be a pain here.

T3 Survival:


IF DE is right with what question mark thing there is 1 new prime part in each of these modes expect for t3 exterminate. 


If u want to help out, PICS or is never happened thank you all ^_^


Farming Status: T3 Exterminate


Things I did not confirm (rumors)FARM AT UR OWN RISK :

T3 Ext: Boltor Prime Barrel

ODD: Boltor Prime Receiver

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